Re: Is Dating Asian Women Just a Fad? A rebuttal, from the other side.

Dear Kat,

Like most good things in life, they take time. Six months time to be precise to write this rebuttal. I’m pretty sure Neil’s been yelling “Paisley” for a rebuttal just like Ferris Bueller’s teacher is still yelling “Bueller” for the whole time frame. But I mean, if I already know European Socialism, why bother?

Kent Paisley pictured with Bui-Stroh cohost Sean Stroh.

Kent Paisley pictured with Bui-Stroh cohost Sean Stroh.

To why Neil brought me here, though, the rebuttal of Is Dating Asian Girls Just a Fad?. My name is Kent Paisley. As the name might imply, I’m a white male.  A bit of a mishmash of countries in my background, but I’m primarily Scottish and Irish.

Neil once brought me on to the esteemed Bui-Stroh radio show at Chapman University, winner of the radio show of the semester, to discuss my relationship history of only dating Asian women and my poor pickup line skills. The polar bear line was not my best selection of all time.

Furthermore, as I feel JC didn’t give much of an answer outside of his sexual preferences, I’ll come in from the bullpen to provide some relief.

I’ve found my personal attraction to Asian women comes from 3 different reasons. You can call it yellow fever, but yellow fever implies that it’s a primarily sexual fetish, which isn’t the case for myself. The three reasons are as follows: the nature of the city I grew up in, genetic differentiation, and cultural diversity.

My school district growing up was roughly 50% Asian growing up, and 40% Caucasian. In an unsurprising plot twist, as these were the two ethnic groups I was surrounded by growing up, these are the people my body are naturally attracted to. Gotta love some good old psychology.

My old job is probably going to show a bit here but hang with me through the biology of the next paragraph. Worth a bit more than European Socialism.

I’m unsure if you have heard of the smelly T-shirt experiment, which was performed by a Swiss Zoologist. He had males wear a t-shirt for two straight days, put all the shirts in a box, and asked women to smell the shirts. He then asked the women to identify who was most attractive to them. The women selected the male who had the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) most opposite of their own. To get through the biology of this, MHC is a primary factor in our immune system’s ability to not target itself. And yes, no old spice was used in the study.  Feel free to dive into this more on Wikipedia here.

The study showed that we are naturally attracted to those who have genes opposite of ourselves. Having our ancestors grow in entirely different regions and have different genes? Sounds like a good recipe for attraction.

While related to the second part, cultural diversity is also an important part of why I’m attracted to Asian women. I think having similar interests but diverse backgrounds is an important part of any relationship. If you and your partner learn you both did the same shit and upbringing growing up, it’s a little boring that you can’t learn new perspectives. In addition, diversity in the relationship and family brings tolerance and understanding of other races, which I personally place a high value on.

You could argue, in an overly simplistic manner, that the past election was a nationalistic culture clash, of white males who haven’t adapted to the advancement of technology blaming other races for taking their jobs. The five most diverse counties in the country voted for Hilary Clinton with 67% of the vote, while the five least diverse counties voted for Trump with 79% of the vote. Not too much of a reach to see the correlation, and I think it’s an important one to have in my life.

To the Asian women I’ve discussed this with during my trips around the sun, I’ve found that many of them are concerned that white males are primarily into them due to the perception that they can dominate Asian women.  While this may be the case for JC, personally it’s frustrating to see that happen. As you also mentioned, end of the day, every woman is still a woman, just whom people find more attractive. Sex is an important part of any relationship, but that’s not going to be as defined as much by the race and background of the individual.

So, to the overall question. Is dating Asian women a fad? No. Won’t be a fad as long as someone is yelling Bueller.


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