About Us

by Neil Bui

dork·a·hol·ic noun \ˈdȯr-kə-ˈhȯ-lik\

a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on pop culture, repeated and/or excessive use of all things within this realm including, but not limited to, comics, film, gaming, TV, and all things ‘dork.’ The development of withdrawal symptoms includes twitching, insomnia, headaches, the feels, constipation & heartache.

Dorkaholics is your destination for news and exclusives on the most inspiring stories within pop culture across comic books, film & television, and video games.

Since launching in 2014, Dorkaholics has been furthering the world of comic books and pop culture through in-depth reporting and commentary for fans both old and new alike. Our content has and always will make the massive multiverses of pop culture less intimidating by serving it in a friendly, digestible manner.

Our first convention as a group, Comikaze 2012.

Our first convention as a group, Comikaze 2012.

We remember our first comic convention and how intimidating things were at first, with the long lines for badges and dense exhibition halls. Luckily for us, we not only had each other, but we met incredibly kind people at these events, from fellow attendees to exhibitors to panel moderators to our favorite industry professionals.

Those amazing individuals inspired us to pay it forward and help others freely explore their fandom to their hearts’ content. We’re familiar with the negative stereotypes fandoms can have: snobby know-it-alls and elitist gatekeepers. We believe Dorkaholics can better, we can counter those uninviting personas, and we can help create a pop culture experience that is for everyone.

Now: Explore the site. Enjoy the content. Embrace your inner dork.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about the stories of justice, characters of wonder, and themes of hope that we come across in the most inspiring stories within pop culture. We’re not just seeking relatable stories but also aspirational stories – stories that give us a north star to chase after in our own real lives or challenges us to better ourselves and become heroes. Through informative and insightful discussions, our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower the pop culture fandom to be their best selves.

Our Community

There would be no Dorkaholics without the community of dorks that is welcoming, inclusive, and considerate. We act with integrity. We provide feedback that is direct, honest, and clear, as well as receive it in kind, even when it isn’t easy.

Our Values

Live Curiously

As Dorkaholics, we are constantly diving into new worlds and immersing ourselves in different realities. And doing so requires an undying sense of curiosity that leads us to understand new rules of life as well as seek out the parallels to derive some meaning for our own lives.

Act Boldly

In order to break new ground and build where nothing has existed before, a sense of boldness is required. Boldness asks us to act without hesitation, perform without fear, and to go beyond the social norm. And of course, with boldness, comes the strength and resolve to achieve great things.

Take Risks

The culture of Dorkaholics is to take risks, learn quickly, and adapt to a constantly changing world. We’re not afraid of the unknown. We understand the limitations of what we know and what we can learn. What works today may not work tomorrow, but regardless, we will continue to give the world more stories about heroes from different walks of life.

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