Our first convention as a group, Comikaze 2012.

The founders of DORKAHOLICS at their first convention together, Comikaze 2012.

dork·a·hol·ic noun \ˈdȯr-kə-ˈhȯ-lik\

a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on pop culture, repeated excessive use of all things within this realm including, but not limited to, comics, film, gaming, TV and all things ‘dork.’ Development of withdrawal symptoms include twitching, insomnia, headaches, the feels, constipation & heartache.

Typical average kids, who love to read their comic strips, just by chance freed a ghost, who made them DORKAHOLICS.

Established in 2012, DORKAHOLICS is our idea of how we want to present the information we love to our friends and their friends. Enjoy our site. Read the content. Accept the dork inside your life.


Board of Trustees

Sean Stroh | Advocate for Transparency and Fairness | Industry Expert | History Advisor | Social Media & Musical Content Curator | Former Contributing Writer

Sean has been working in print journalism for the last several years, as both a writer and an editor. Having worked in every imaginable capacity (unpaid intern to freelancing for multiple publications), he is currently an Assistant Editor for “the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the newspaper industry.” He gives the Dorkaholics a strong grasp on understanding the role journalism plays and how to successfully fill that role. He lives in Fullerton with his high school sweetheart and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SeanWStroh.

Jonathan Nguyen | Professional Development Leader | Operations Expert | Business Advisor

Jonathan brings to the table experience in government work, strategic analysis, and years of working on small teams in a mentor/hands-off capacity. For Dorkaholics, he works closely with the executive team to focus in on short-term and long-term goals as well as plans for execution. He is a graduate of USC’s Marshall School of Business with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management. When he’s not channeling his inner Kevin Spacey for the Dorkaholics House of Cards, he can be found on the green grass playing golf. 

For PR/Inquiries/Suggestionsowner@dorkaholics.com