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Dorkaholics is looking for passionate and analytical individuals to join the team and create content about the vast world of pop culture from opinion pieces to video segments to social media posts. 

Looking for an internship?

If you are seeking an internship position, then you’re in luck. Dorkaholics has experience working with interns from across the country in virtual opportunities geared towards complementing both their academic and career goals. We’ve worked with graduate students who wanted to drive social media strategy, developed teams working on public relations projects on our behalf, as well as published high-quality writing produced in the classroom.

Why should you apply?

  • Your goals are taken into consideration and the role you take on will be designed to help prepare you for your career
  • Dorkaholics is an independent publisher, allowing those who work with us to produce work that will not be stifled, but only supported and pushed to meet to higher standards

How do you apply?

  • Use the form below or email us at hello [at] dorkaholics [dot] com
  • Be sure to indicate if you’re looking for an intern role or not
  • Briefly share what type of work you’re looking to do, your past experiences that may be relevant, future goals and how this role can help you achieve those goals
  • Any past work is appreciated but not required

Apply today!

Thank you for your interest in joining Dorkaholics. We wish you the best of luck!