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Dating for Dorks: Chatlight – Long Distance Relationship Solution

by Kat Liu

What is a Chatlight? It’s basically a portable LED webcam/camera phone light. The body of the light is adjustable so it fits over phone cases and is also wide enough to clamp over your computer monitor. It’s even rechargeable (via microUSB cable), so you don’t need batteries for it. The light itself swivels up and down so you can control (to a certain extent) where it points and there are two levels of brightness that you can switch between depending on how bright you need the light to be.  Already interested? Purchase yours here.

In our current age of technology virtual communication makes up a huge part of how we interact with each other. Tools such as Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, and a multitude of other text/picture/video apps allow us to do everything from afar, including love someone (long distance relationship, anyone?) or even interview for a job.

Let’s say your significant other lives in another state and you want to talk. No problem. Pick up the phone and ring him/her up – talk the night away and even fall asleep on the phone with each other. AW THAT’S SO CUTE. CUTER THAN SAY, A CAT EATING A WATERMELON AND THAT’S PRETTY DAMN CUTE. Let’s say you’re feeling horny and you feel like if you don’t bust one, you’re going to implode. No problem. Pick up your phone or computer and video call your boo and engage in some mutual masturbation. YEA I SAID IT. AND I’M NOT TAKING IT BACK. But picture this scenario – you’re in bed, the lights are off and you’re video chatting with your partner. The light from your phone screen is bright enough to illuminate your face so you can see each other. No problem. Your partner says something endearing and suddenly you feel like rewarding him/her with a peek at your genitals. Your phone screen light is not bright enough for your naughty bits. PROBLEM.

A beautiful young lady taking a selfie with the Chatlight. Courtesy of Chatlight.

A beautiful young lady taking a selfie with the Chatlight. Courtesy of Chatlight.

Enter Chatlight. It’s a pretty cool gadget and I highly recommend it to people who spend a lot of time on their phone taking pictures, video chatting, or video streaming themselves – particularly in the context of spicing up their relationship via video sexing.

Picture another scenario: you’re in the 2nd to last round for a job interview and you’re about to join a Skype call with the director of HR for your dream job. You’ve worn your best blazer and button down but decide to skip the slacks because it’s a Skype interview and the interviewer is (presumably) only going to see you from the waist up. You decide to wear your lucky tattered boxers with the Shrek donkey pattern printed on it. You’re nervous but excited because you know that you’re going to woo the pants off the HR lady and then you get flown in to the company’s headquarters next to interview with the CEO. You basically have the job in the bag. The interview begins, introductions are exchanged, and the HR lady bites her lip and smiles after you make a suave comment about coming to the headquarters to see her in person. YOU ARE A SEX GOD AND THE HR LADY KNOWS IT. Before she begins asking the formal questions, she asks if you would mind turning on a light because the room is too dim. Without thinking you jump up toward the light switch and freeze, remembering that you are not wearing pants, but only when you feel the air tickling your butt hairs that are now peeking out from the holes in your boxers. You try and jump back down in your chair but miss because you’re so frazzled and end up a pathetic clump on the ground. Now you’re sobbing out of embarrassment and the HR lady no longer thinks you’re a sex god. SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A CHATLIGHT, HYPOTHETICAL YOU.

If you're baller enough to afford TWO Chatlights, you can have your own set up like this. Courtesy of Chatlight.

If you’re baller enough to afford TWO Chatlights, you can have your own set up like this. Courtesy of Chatlight.

Ideally, our phones and screens are bright enough so we don’t need any other source of external light. Maybe the sun shines all the time and we get to enjoy natural light for our pictures and video conversations. Or maybe not, because that would mean something is seriously wrong with our planet and we’re all about to die like the dinosaurs did. Thank RNGesus there’s Chatlight.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, a selfie queen/king, or just sick and tired of poor light quality ruining your digital images, Chatlight is definitely a product that is worth looking into. It’s convenient to use, customizable to meet your needs and sells at a reasonable price. Check out the product here.

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