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Joy Ride Press Conference Reveals Hilarious Bonds and Boundary-Pushing Comedy

by Neil Bui

In a recent press conference for the highly anticipated film Joy Ride, the cast and crew gathered to discuss their experiences and shed light on the making of this groundbreaking comedy. The lively discussion showcased the camaraderie among the actors and provided a glimpse into the film’s daring approach to comedy and representation. As a writer for Dorkaholics.com, I had the privilege of attending the press conference in order to highlight the key takeaways from this engaging event.

Setting the Stage:

The conference began with a light-hearted exchange, immediately showcasing the chemistry and banter between the cast members. From playful remarks to unexpected revelations, the atmosphere was charged with laughter and camaraderie.

Friendships and Bonding:

The cast members revealed that their friendship extended beyond the film set. They shared anecdotes of rehearsals held in Ashley’s backyard, where the now-infamous WOP number was born. Additionally, the group bonded over shared meals and indulged in their love for board games, particularly their obsession with Settlers of Catan. These personal moments added depth to their on-screen chemistry, reflecting the authentic and genuine friendships portrayed in the movie.

Stephanie Hsu, shared, “We clicked pretty intensely immediately… we met at Ashley’s backyard and we rehearsed the WOP number.” This behind-the-scenes camaraderie undoubtedly influenced the on-screen chemistry and authentic friendships portrayed in the movie.

Redefining Boundaries and Representation:

Joy Ride stands out for its unapologetic approach to comedy, challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. The female cast members emphasized that women can be raunchy, hilarious, and empowered on their own terms. By reversing the typical dynamics of male and female sexuality in comedy, the film sparks important conversations about representation and showcases the breadth of comedic talent within the Asian community.

Sabrina Wu stated, “Women are allowed to be raunchy and disgusting and sexy and sexual on their own terms.” This fresh perspective on female sexuality in comedy adds depth to the film’s comedic narrative and sparks important conversations about representation.

Cultural Identity and Immigrant Families:

The press conference also delved into the significance of the film’s portrayal of immigrant families. The cast acknowledged the tendency to generalize immigrant families as conservative, but stressed the importance of recognizing that they too can enjoy raunchy and hilarious comedies. By depicting multigenerational narratives and bridging cultural gaps, Joy Ride offers a platform for dialogue and understanding within immigrant families.

Writer and producer Cherry Chevapravatdumrong shared, “I think a lot of that came from immigrants making sure that they were safe… but I think a lot of that came from a place of defense mechanism.” Joy Ride aims to bridge cultural gaps and promote understanding within immigrant families.

Unforgettable Moments and Challenges:

The conference highlighted some of the most memorable scenes and challenges encountered during the filming process. From fighting in Korea to the auditions, the cast admitted to struggling with laughter and breaking character. The lighthearted atmosphere on set allowed for organic and genuine performances, resulting in an abundance of hilarious outtakes and blooper reel material.

Sherry Cola humorously recalled, “I made Ashley pee twice.” These genuine moments of laughter and camaraderie on set contributed to the film’s authenticity and comedic timing.


The Joy Ride press conference was a testament to the film’s dynamic and boundary-pushing nature. The cast’s genuine camaraderie, personal anecdotes, and their commitment to redefining comedy were evident throughout the event. With its bold approach to representation, thought-provoking humor, and heartwarming friendships, Joy Ride promises to be a movie that will resonate with audiences, spark laughter, and challenge preconceived notions.

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