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Netflix Pick of the Week: Goon (2011)

by Stephen Dominguez
Michael Dowse’s Goon (2011)

Michael Dowse’s Goon (2011)

Michael Dowse’s Goon, or Hockey Violence: the Movie as it should be aptly called, is not your typical sports movie. There is no tourney. There are no 80’s inspired training montages. It is, in fact, a simple story of a simple, young, sweet Jewish guy named Doug, who just wants to know what to do with his ho-hum simple life. That all changes when he finds out that he does indeed have a special talent, which is that he is exceptionally good at beating the living daylights out of people. Thus, Doug goes out to be an enforcer in a local hockey team and beats up people with enough infectious enthusiasm to power California for the next two years. The movie packs great performances from smaller actors like Seann William Scott and Alison Pill to more seasoned professionals like Liev Schreiber and Eugene Levy, all working together to make this movie feel real, yet lighthearted.

Look at you, you’re a – you’re a fucking beast. You’re like the fucking Hebrew Dolph Lundgren or some shit.

Unlike last week’s pick that asks for a challenge, this movie asks far less of you. Heck, the main character barely asks all that much from you. All that he wants, and this movie by extension, is to be loved. So if you find yourself having a slow night this weekend, invite the buds over, grab a couple of brews, and watch hockey carnage without having to leave the warm comfort of your own home.

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