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Pokémon Generations Ep 14 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
Kyurem captured by Team Galactic. From Pokémon Generations episode 14.

Kyurem captured by Team Galactic. From Pokémon Generations episode 14.

It starts pretty simply – Send in a pack of Liepards and cause some panic in Opelucid City; make sure the people are out and about and not ready for evacuation. Corner the Dragon Gym Leader, Drayden, with Galactic’s best Ice Pokémon. Sure, Drayden’s Haxorous puts up an astounding fight but in the end, its offensive prowess doesn’t cover its weakness to ice. Even with bulk like Lance’s Dragonite wouldn’t do the trick. That thing might have been overpowered in the face of Team Rocket but only because that is a terribly prepared team. Though in this situation, even that beast Dragonite would eventually go down; Dragonite with Multiscale and its reserve of attacks couldn’t save the day. Imagine Weavile firing off a quick Ice Shard to loosen up that Multiscale bulk and then Cryogonal unleashing a deadly Blizzard. Haxorous, as sweet as its attack stat is, just couldn’t handle this situation. And so, it ends pretty simply.

Use Kyurem’s immense potential to freeze the entire city and its populace. Granted that science, though, is not very simple. Regardless, that beam of absolute zero generated by harnessing Kyurem’s power is perhaps comparable to a nuclear bomb at least in terms of compassion. It creates a slowly dying world, at least for the humans. It even creates a harsh environment for our mighty dragon user. Despite Haxorous’ power being able to withstand a double ice beam with a flamethrower, it could not possibly keep it up in order to heat up the rest of the city. That airship, powered by the Icey legendary, easily overpowers Haxorous’ potential and of course this hailstorm situation makes those Blizzards from Cryogonal impossible to miss. So, faced with either giving up the DNA splicer or letting his people freeze to death, it’s not too difficult of a decision to make for a Gym Leader. This is the kind of brutality and genius tactics that would have put Giovanni at the top. So, Colress, do you desire to see what would happen if you had your genius combined with Maxie while the both of you back the likes of Team Rocket?

Of course, if Drayden had some backup such that someone could just shoot that air ship down then maybe there would have been a chance. But that’s it, the tides of war are usually changed with unforeseen reinforcement. And no one saw Team Galactic having possession of Kyurem.

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