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Quantum Leap: Meet Raymond Lee (Dr. Ben Song)

by Neil Bui

Earlier this year, Dorkaholics had an opportunity to speak with Raymond Lee about Quantum Leap, the series he leads as his character Dr. Ben Song. The second season of Quantum Leap is now airing on NBC with new episodes every Wednesday at 8pm.

Not all revival shows like Quantum Leap get a positive reception but I think myself and other fans have been very receptive to the series. What is it about the fandom or the show itself that you think really just works?

Raymond Lee: Thank you for watching and for saying that it’s working. I agree as well, I mean I watch the [episodes] when they air and at that point I’m a viewer. I’m able to turn that part of my brain off, I’m watching and I agree. I think it’s a really fun show to watch and I think people’s knee-jerk reactions to any sort of revival is ‘why mess with something that was already perfect’ and perhaps there was just more story to tell with Quantum Leap and so there had to be a continuation and for the most part fans of the original were receptive to it. And of course there were those that weren’t, but I think us really leaning in on the fact that it is a new show and we have a whole world that exists in headquarters to find out the inner workings of the quantum accelerator, to really go deeper into the mythology in the first season I think was really fun. And I think it was really satisfying to a lot of the original viewers that we have established this sort of baseline of understanding of how time travel works in this world, we’re now given license to do more of the world building emotionally and character investing in each of our characters’ lives and I think that’s gonna get really exciting, but I’m just happy that this revival is being well received and that we’re getting to continue to tell our story.

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