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What’s New: A Tourist’s Guide to Love, Elemental, Black Knight, Jentry Chau

by Neil Bui

Pop culture is a never-ending world of updates, teases, trailers, and hopefully releases. What’s New Wednesday is Dorkaholics’ way to keep us all up to date with what’s new across comics, tv, film, games, and more! This week, the focus is on Pixar’s next film Elemental plus its attached short Carl’s Date and updates from Netflix including A Tourist’s Guide to Love, Black Knight, and Jentry Chau vs. The Underworld.

  1. Trailer for A Tourist’s Guide to Love

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming film A Tourist’s Guide to Love. As a Vietnamese-American, I’m excited to see this romcom set in Vietnam and starring Vietnamese talent.

Mark my words, at some point this year we will all know someone who used “A tourist wants to escape life. A traveler wants to experience it.” on social media… Alas, the power and curse of entertainment influencing the minds of aspiring influencers. But hopefully this film will also influence more diversity amongst the dating pool, as well as increased tourism to my motherland.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love is available on Netflix beginning April 21, 2023.

  1. Pixar: Trailer and Posters for Elemental Plus Carl’s Date

Pixar’s latest original feature film Elemental feels loosely similar to their 2015 release Inside Out, and I mean that in a positive way. Through the use of personified elements in this film, akin to the personalities of Inside Out, it’s clear that this will be a family film that will foster conversations about fitting in and as well as stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Continuing the Pixar tradition of pairing feature films with animated shorts, releasing in front of this film will be Carl’s Date, which finds our favorite old man from Up reluctantly agreeing to go on a date while feeling lost with the world of modern dating. Dug steps up to calm down Carl and offer advice on how to make friendsfrom his own experience as a dog.

Catch Elemental and Carl’s Date in theaters on June 16, 2023.

  1. Premiere Date for Black Knight

The Netflix series Black Knight will be making its worldwide premiere on May 12th.

Lead actor Kim Woo-bin expressed a wish for this series to resonate with audiences.

“I felt immense happiness while filming this series, and I sincerely hope that our collective efforts resonate with the viewers, and they too relish every moment of it, just as I did,” Kim said.

  1. New Action Animated Series Jentry Chau vs. The Underworld Announced

Netflix has announced a new supernatural animated series Jentry Chau vs. The Underworld from first time showrunner Echo Wu and executive producers Ali Wong (Beef) and Aron Eli Coleite (Locke & Key).

Wong will also be starring in Jentry Chau vs. The Underworld along with Bowen Yang, Lori Tan Chinn, Lucy Liu, Jimmy O. Yang, Sheng Wang, and Woosung Kim.

Ali Wong will be voicing the titular character Jentry Chau who is a Chinese-American teenager living in small town Texas. The supernatural elements of the series come into play as Jentry discovers a demon king hunting her for the powers she’s been repressing her whole life. Aided by her great-aunt, who happens to be an expert on weapons and a thousand-year-old Chinese vampire called a jiangshi, Jentry has to take on the monsters of the underworld while balancing life in high school.

The series will be produced by animation studio Titmouse with its leadership members Chris Pryonski, Shannon Pryonski, Antonio Canobbio, and Ben Kalina joining the series as executive producers.

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