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3 Fun Role-Playing Games For Teenagers

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Role-playing games (RPGs) have recently become popular, with their total revenue expected to reach $72.13 billion in 2022. Indeed, RPGs can equip your teens with skills they can apply to their personal lives and future careers. Most RPGs involve teamwork to overcome adversity and secure victory. Through this, your kid can understand the importance of working together with others and even develop their leadership skills. They can also pick up situation analysis, project management, organizational skills, etc. Since these games thrive on creativity, teens can also learn how to invent innovative ways to solve problems. Fortunately, several role-playing games are teen-friendly, including the following.

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)

D&D is a fantasy tabletop RPG invented by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax in 1974. While this game is structured, it allows players to make up their characters and take on exciting adventures as the story progresses. However, the dungeon master (DM) guides the game by organizing the narrative, presenting challenges, and ensuring that each player follows the rules. D&D is beneficial for your teen in that they can learn to perceive the world through other people’s perspectives, building empathy. It can also encourage them to overcome shyness and create meaningful relationships. The game can help develop their math, reading, and creativity as well so keep this in mind.

It helps if an adult stands as the DM to help guide them while they enjoy the game, so parents, older siblings, or trusted adults can take on the role. Moreover, they can easily settle disagreements between teens and ensure they follow the rules. However, they must master the art of storytelling and focus on fostering teamwork among players. A D&D backstory generator can be helpful for young players to build their fictional characters too. Consequently, keep the game short and simple to prevent boredom and frustration.

  1. Valheim

Inspired by Viking culture and Norse mythology, Valheim is one of the fastest-growing RPGs on the Steam platform. It was released in 2021 by Iron Gate Studio for Windows and Linux through Steam, although it’s set to be released for Xbox Series and Xbox One in 2023. Although unsuitable for younger kids, it’s great for teens who enjoy challenging survival and combat-oriented games. In this game, players are tasked by Odin to battle and defeat terrifying monsters and other enemies in the Norse cosmos filled with abundant nature. Players must also find food, create shelters and tools and gather resources in the wilderness. While one can play solo, joining a team is much more exciting. Like D&D, players can learn the value of teamwork as they play with others. Likewise, they can learn to adapt to various situations without feeling overwhelmed.

While combat is involved, parents don’t have to worry about graphic violence or bloodshed. Since it’s an online game, parents can also monitor their teens to ensure they aren’t exposed to inappropriate behaviors from other players. To get started with Valheim, experts advise chopping down trees and making a club weapon to defend yourself against enemies. Also, players are encouraged to gather some food, preferably berries and mushrooms, before hunting animals. Consequently, they must proceed to gather stone and wood to make their first tools and build their bed and campfire. Here are more beneficial tips to help your teen become a pro-Valheim player.

  1. Terraria

Terraria was created in 2011 by Re-Logic and is an action-adventure sandbox game. Originally released for Windows, Terraria has become popular on other gaming platforms. It incorporates building, painting, crafting, exploration, and combat with different adversaries in a 2D world. Many Terraria players on review sites have argued that the game has educational benefits, which teens can enjoy. For instance, the game offers an open world with various limitations, and players must work around these obstacles to achieve their goals. Teen players can learn how to adopt out-of-the-box thinking to address real-life situations around them. Moreover, it features a multiplayer mode, where players can cooperate with others to fight a common enemy.

Several tips can help players build themselves while enjoying the game. For instance, exploring Terraria with friends can reduce difficulties and help players defeat larger bosses and adversaries, so keep this in mind. Consequently, players are advised to take their time and not be pressured into doing so much at once. Likewise, they can begin the game by gathering resources like wood and stone to build workstations and houses.

Role-playing games can be beneficial for your teens. Hopefully, you’ll encourage them to try these games. 

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