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Dune: Part Two Beautifully Expands This World

by Neil Bui

Sequels can have a bad rep for themselves, but I’m glad that when I headed into Dune: Part Two I was right in having a good feeling about this film. After an explosive and treacherous Part One, this film follows up by not only showing the journey of Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet) towards revenge (or is it salvation), but also expands the world of Dune with scenes off the planet of Arrakis to the Emperor’s home as well as the world of the savage Harkonnens, the antagonists of the first film.

Dune: Part Two is a beautifully shot film that incorporates distinct cinematography to establish the tone of each scene. This is well represented in scenes, such as the Harkonnens and the coldness of their brutal culture accentuated by the monochromatic tones of their attire and skin; when we are with the Fremen, the warm colors along with the sandy setting really captures life in the desert on Arrakis. When the sandworms appear, it feels exhilarating.

The intensity of each fight both on land and in the sky, makes each fiery eruption and clashing of blades not only seen and heard but practically felt from the visual and auditory experiences. I wish I could recall more about the work put into the sound design of the film, but the experience of riding a sandworm was more entrancing than I could have imagined, from emerging out of desert sands, to coasting along the dunes, to being shown up against the beating sun.

Thematically, the film touches upon topics such as oppressive religion, manipulation of the masses, nuclear warfare, political chess games, and more within this tale of revenge. Ultimately Dune: Part Two is a grand story that covers Paul Atreides embracing his prophesied destiny, even despite initial reservations and fears, as well as being able to see him have a chance to put his plan into motion. The film’s approach to mysticism, intergalactic power struggles, and cinematic warfare truly makes Dune this generation’s space epic saga.

Be sure to catch Dune: Part Two in theaters on March 29, 2024.

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