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Hosting Tips For An Unforgettable Virtual Christmas Party

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Another yuletide is knocking on the door. You can probably already hear the carols waft in the air as people prepare to create another Christmas memory. The buzz may not be as strong as it was a couple of years ago, especially with COVID still doing its best to steal the headlines. But technology has proven throughout these past several months that there’s always a way around these trying times. With technology again, you can host an unforgettable virtual Christmas party if it’s not possible to meet your loved ones in person. Here are some tips you can use.

  1. Make your guest list

First things first. It would be best to decide who makes it to your guest list before handling anything else. Many people make the mistake of focusing so much on their party ideas that they forget to make a guest list. You don’t want to make anybody feel left out when you’re officially sending out your invitations. And you can avoid that by making your list as early as possible.

  1. Get yourself organized

You need to pick the perfect date for your party, the time, and the platform you want to use. Since you don’t want any of your guests to miss out, you might want to communicate the date and time to them a month ahead of time to give them enough time to make the needed adjustments and clear their schedule. And should you need to change the date to suit them, you’ll have enough time to make those changes.

Next, pick your preferred virtual party platform. Thankfully, the options are many; and they include Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook, to mention a few.

  1. Plan your activities

Decide on what activities you want your guests to partake in online. From watching movies and playing online games to listening to music, there are a lot of activities you can do with friends on an online event platform. To avoid picking a boring event, you might want to solicit some ideas from those on your guest list.

For example, you can let them decide what types of movies, games, or other activities will be fun and note them down. If you have guests who enjoy intellectually stimulating activities, for instance, organizing a friendly game of chess online could be a great addition to your virtual party. And if you love music lovers, create a playlist based on what music genre they love. For example, if they prefer rock n roll music, make sure your party playlist has some of the last rock n roll tracks. And speaking of rock n roll, you might want to check out Gerard Zappa of Wooster, whose “Heart of City” recording was only made public this year.

  1. Send the gifts ahead of time

Do you want to share a special meal or drinks with your guests? You might want to make early arrangements for those. Perhaps you want to sip on the same glass of wine while group-watching a movie, or you prefer everyone shares a similar delicacy or cake while playing a game. In that case, you can order and send the wines, cakes, snacks, drinks, and food ahead of time to the various locations of your guests before the D-day.

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