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5 Amazing Nostalgic Games For Boredom Busting

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Ever smelled something familiar or tasted your parents’ home cooking and it immediately reminds you of your childhood? There’s something really magical about the feeling of nostalgia to bring you back down to earth. You’ll rediscover things about yourself that you thought were long gone. Gaming, for example, is something that our generation has had the pleasure of being able to grow up with, and that’s why we’ve created a list of the most nostalgic games that you’ll want to dig out and play again!

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater (1999)

There’s nothing quite like switching on the old PlayStation and rocking out to Superman by Goldfinger while cruising around on Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Or, heading over to career mode and completing all of the tasks in one single run while showing off your amazing dpad skills and balance with your analogue stick. So why not dig out your PS1, sit cross legged on the floor, and kick ass again on Tony Hawk?

Lara Croft (1996)

Another game that takes me back is Lara Croft. Be honest, you had absolutely no idea how to fully complete the career, but locking poor Jeeves in the freezer is something that none of us could resist. There was something just so amazingly satisfying about reopening the door and locking him in again before he could get out. Good times…

The Sims (2000)

Whether this is your kind of game or not, pretty much everyone has tried the Sims at some point or another. There’s something so fun about having the thrill of creating the perfect house, creating the family, and then of course, killing off the child by surrounding them with walls that they can’t escape from. Oh, and let’s not forget about the old money cheat – rosebud;: – and making ourselves millionaires to do the whole rigmarole all over again.

Mario Kart Double Dash (2003)

Everybody loves the characters in Mario Kart Double Dash. They’ve all got their own personalities, cars, and even special items to destroy other players. Remember doing the grand prix and getting the perfect score of 160 points? Or even playing in pairs and punching out of each other just to get ahead? Yeah, it’s definitely a classic you need to dig out again at some point.

Super Mario World (1990)

The oldest game on the list today, taking it right back to side scroll gaming. You’re always on the hunt for big bad Bowser to of course, save your beautiful princess and win a butt load of coins. Again, a franchise that’s still going, but there’s something so heartwarmingly incredible about taking the game back to its roots.

There we have it, five amazing nostalgic games that will help you fight the boredom! Which one was your favorite? Are there any others?

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