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How to Introduce Someone To Gaming

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Gaming is one of the most fun and versatile hobbies out there, and if you care about someone, it makes sense that you want to share one of your favorite activities with them. Whether you’re trying to guide a child, spouse, or friend into the world of gaming, here are some ways to make it more fun for them and for you.

Playing Together

The most obvious way to get someone involved in gaming is to ask them to play with you. This is a great way to get them to catch the gaming bug. After all, if that person enjoys spending time with you and is looking for new ways to have fun, they’re more likely to be interested in something you enjoy.

Of course, the game you choose to play depends largely on the kind of person you’re playing with. We’ll talk about this a bit more throughout the article, but remember that everyone is different and will be interested in different things.

One of the things that makes gaming such a great hobby is that there is so much variety. But this can be a pitfall as well. You can find some truly amazing games that tell a rich story and feature fascinating gameplay, but that isn’t a great way to introduce someone to gaming. Ideally, you need to find an accessible game.

Ideally, your best option is to play a good co-op game where you can work together. Some games have co-op features but aren’t designed with them in mind. This means the person playing with you can feel left out. Look for games that are either designed to be played with another person or that heavily support this kind of gameplay.

Make sure you play on their level. The idea isn’t to show off or to beat them in every match. You want to teach them how to play while ensuring they have fun. Lower the difficulty level and don’t hog all of the challenges yourself.

As they play more games and become more familiar with the controls, you can explore different games and difficulty levels.

Simple Single Player Games

Multiplayer games are a lot of fun, but they’re definitely not the only way to play. Single-player games are often story-focused and they allow someone to make a hobby of their own. But a great way to play alone and fully grasp the thought process behind gaming is to take things back to basics.

Games like Minesweeper or online card games feature incredibly simple gameplay and controls. So someone isn’t held back by skill or reflexes. What these games do is get people used to the idea of gaming alone. They’re quick, so they’re great for work breaks or moments when you need to refresh. They’re also fun and make you think. Even better, they’re free. There’s a reason these simple games have been so successful for so long.

Once someone is ready to start investing in single-player games, it’s up to you to help them make good gaming decisions. Choose games in a few different genres that are either easy to get into or that have a sliding difficulty. It’s not fun to lose over and over again, but some people still enjoy a challenge.

Suggest different genres as well. AAA games are popular, but they’re expensive and sometimes flawed. They’re also usually a significant investment in time. Indie games, however, are cheap and interesting to play. Some indie games are difficult to get into, but others highlight a certain gameplay style and can be a great way for beginners and experienced gamers to play.

Indie games are also a great way to reinvigorate your love for single-player games because they offer something different.

Gaming on the Go

One thing that holds a lot of people back is the idea of a dedicated console or PC for gaming. If you aren’t that into a hobby, you might not want to invest all that money into something you might not use that often.

But there are other gaming options.

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular ways to play over all kinds of demographics. It’s accessible and convenient. You can game on the go and you already have the device needed to start playing. Many mobile games are free or comparatively inexpensive.

Some mobile games have a bad reputation for being addictive and featuring pay-to-win gameplay, where you only progress through a paywall. You also might not like the idea of watching adverts while playing a free game.

But not every mobile game is like this. You can find some great mobile games, some free and some paid for, that don’t have this issue. Puzzle games are often a simple way to burn a few minutes, but you can also play action and adventure games from your phone.

Handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch or Steamdeck do cost a fair amount of money, but they offer a wider range of video games to play on the go. This is great for long journeys or times when you just want to sit and play a while no matter where you are.

Tabletop Gaming

So far, we’ve mostly talked about video games. After all, this is the most popular way to play games and is usually what people think about when they get into gaming. But it’s not the only option.

Why not welcome someone to the world of tabletop games? Board games and other tabletop games like RPGs have enjoyed a massive renaissance lately, and are no longer considered niche. This means that you can happily introduce someone (or a group of someones) to gaming in real life.

When most people think of tabletop games, they think of Dungeons & Dragons. This makes sense, it’s the most well-known tabletop RPG in the world and is featured in mainstream films and television shows. But while it’s a great option, it’s not the only option.

If you’re playing with beginners, look for simpler options. This will also make it easier for you, especially if you’re the Gamemaster and don’t have much experience running a game. If everyone enjoys it and wants something to sink their teeth into, you can graduate to more complex tabletop RPGs.

Of course, RPGs aren’t your only options. You can also play strategy games that involve complicated game boards. Or you can always play other board games for quicker, more linear gameplay options. Some board games are still fascinating and fun to play, even if you don’t want to break out the old classics.

Host a Games Night

Speaking of playing as a group, one of the best ways to have a lot of fun gaming is to host a games night. A games night brings a group of friends together and you know you’re going to have a great time. Whether you’re trying to introduce one or a few people to gaming, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be the only gamer there. You need some backup. But try not to bring people who are likely to take things too seriously, as they might get frustrated with beginner gameplay.

Whether you play video games, board games, or even party games, the key is that everyone has fun.

You can pick a theme for the evening or keep it relaxed. Make sure you provide food and drinks (or arrange for people to bring them) so people are comfortable.

Cosplay and Costumes

The gaming world is all part of a larger subculture, which embraces all things nerdy and pop culture. So, while the gaming side of it is a lot of fun and enough for many gamers, you can also have a great time exploring the more social side of gaming.

And so we move on to the wonders of cosplay. Cosplay describes dressing up in a costume based on a character or a fictional world. People dress up as movie characters, TV show characters, Anime characters and, yes, characters from games and gaming worlds.

You can then come together in a group and hang out, enjoy panels and activities based on your favorite pop culture worlds and characters, and compare costumes at events known as Comicon. As the nerd subculture has become more popular and mainstream, it’s much easier to find events near where you live.

Cosplay is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to exercise your creative side. You don’t have to be in costume to attend Comicon or similar events, but you might as well give it a try. If you or your friends/family are nervous about your costume, don’t be.

While some people are able to spend a lot of time and money to put together amazing costumes, you can find beginner costumes and tutorials to get you started. From there, you can cosplay as your favorite characters or even make characters of your own in your favorite worlds.

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