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3 Online Games That Will Keep Your Brain Moving During Lockdown

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If you feel like your brain is melting during lockdown, you are definitely not alone. You might feel as if your attention span, social capacities and energy levels have plummeted dramatically. It’s understandable – we are all spending more time than ever at home, making it difficult to stay as on-it as we used to be.

Luckily, the internet exists. I mean, really. Imagine if the internet didn’t exist right now. You’d just be staring at the wall, counting the flecks of dirt, trying to remember the last time you spoke out loud. Thank you, God, for the internet. On this wonderful internet, you can find games that will not only pass this godforsaken time more quickly, but will also keep your brain active.

Ready to regain your grey matter? Here are 3 online games that’ll keep your brain moving during lockdown.

1.   Online Country Building Games

Country building games are super addictive, because frankly, it feels awesome to have so much power. These types of games allow you to build empires, fight wars, destroy huge swathes of the planet, and enter into political gameplay… Basically do everything the Western world has been doing for years, without any actual consequences! Isn’t that cool?

Additionally, they aren’t short-lived, quick-thinking games, but rather ones that require your brain to develop strategic thinking, planning your way to world domination and figuring out how to deceive your fellow governments in the process.

2.   Among Us

In quite the opposite fashion to long-play, country building games: have you played Among Us yet? If not, literally where have you been? Get out from under your rock and get involved in the simplest, most ingenious game format since Flappy Bird.

For those just catching up to 2021, Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which a crew of a spaceship is trying to figure out who the impostors are. Spoiler alert: one of your friends is the impostor, they’re just pretending not to be. It’s that simple.

Among Us will keep your decision-making sharp, and use your skills of deduction to figure out who the likely suspect is. If you’re the impostor, you get to practice your lying skills, which are always useful. Basically, you get to yell at your friends via the Internet while playing as a bunch of blobs. Your brain will thank you later.

3.   Sims Online

Ah, the Sims. The lifeblood of many a lonely childhood, the Sims online is a world-building game that gets your creative juices flowing during a particularly stale time like this one. If the world isn’t impressing you right now – and frankly, it isn’t impressing anyone – why not build your own world, where money is no object and your humans speak a strange squiggly dialect? Fun, right?

Your brain’s creative side needs testing during lockdown, and Sims online is the answer. Trust us.

Overall, lockdown doesn’t have to be brain-melting! Achieve greater intelligence by playing these three fun games that’ll make you Einstein by the time lockdown ends. Okay, we’re joking. They’re fun, though.

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