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Chris Recommends: Justice League/Power Rangers

by Chris Im

In this Chris Recommends: Chris recommends the “Justice League/Power Rangers” comics book series.

Have you ever watched that viral video of the Japanese man who does the apple-pineapple-pen song? You know that part where goes like “HUNGHHH!~” and simulates a combination of whatever words he just pronounced?

pen pineapple apple pen

(Gif created by SiegeofSound)

Well, this new comic series is kind of like that. Created by Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne, this new series is awesome. It involves the Justice League (obviously) and the O.G. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Although only one issue is out, it’s way more dark than you’d imagine. The beginning starts off with a destroyed Angel Grove, home of the Power Rangers, and immediately launches into a flashback of how it all began.  Shortly after, a beloved, or extremely hated character (depending on who you ask) gets seemingly blown up a third of the way in, and shit hits the fan pretty quickly.

Cover of "Justice League/Power Rangers" #1.

Cover of “Justice League/Power Rangers” #1.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I highly recommend you go to your local comic book store and SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS  and fellow comic-loving community by purchasing your very own issue!

I kid you not, this series looks like it’s going to be in my favorites for a long time. It’s even better than the current series of “Justice League vs Suicide Squad”, which we all knew was inevitably going to happen. But I’ll cover that series another time. Until then, just look at this. It’s literally the Pink Ranger in her Zord carrying Batman and his Batmobile away. If that doesn’t convince you of how awesome this is, I don’t know what will.

Justice League-Power Rangers (2017-) 1 Page 29

Courtesy of DC Comics.

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