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Letter to my Intern: Do’s and Don’ts for your First Rave

by Neil Bui

Welcome to Letter to my Intern, where I write a note to my yet-to-be-hired DORKAHOLICS Intern related to improving business operations, understanding the needs of the company, or just plain old tomfoolery. This time, I tell Janet some Do’s and Don’ts so she comes back safe from her first rave later this month.

  1. DO: Make a plan

But also plan to not follow the plan. The point is to know which performances your group and you all want to see so you can coordinate seeing them if you have to divide, and more importantly regrouping at some point.

  1. DON’T: Stress about following the plan

Like I said earlier, plan on not following the plan. Be spontaneous, let the experience take you on an awesome adventure. Just be smart. Don’t go it alone.

  1. DO: Bring a portable charger

Even if your phone is fully charged at the beginning of the event, your phone will definitely be in the red (from losing signal, searching for signal), if not completely drained by the end of your night.

  1. DON’T: Bring anything expensive

Don’t risk losing something valuable or important to you and having your experience ruined. You’re likely to misplace it, have it damaged, etc.

  1. DO: Bring something for water

Staying hydrated is a key part of y’know… staying alive at your first rave and all subsequent ones.

  1. DON’T: Drink too much

If you need some booze to chill the bones or loosen up for a festival, by all means, go ahead. But please don’t go overboard and ruin everyone else’s time by having to take care of you.

  1. DO: Wear Sneakers

You’re going to be walking. That’s a given. From the parking lot, to the entrance, from one stage to another, from the water refill station to the restroom… Do yourself a favor and wear comfortable shoes. You can still look cute for the ‘gram or the snap’ just cut off by the knees or ankles.

  1. DON’T: Forget to eat

You have all day before the event starts. Be smart, get off your butt and feed yourself before you’re too busy raving to take your hunger. Seriously, even McDonald’s is better than nothing.

  1. DO: Take advantage of all the nonmusical amenities

I’m quoting this straight from the Countdown website, “The astounding visual and interactive creations found throughout every Insomniac festival provide a vital part of the experience. Enter a world of three-dimensional superstructures, colorful, glow-in-the-dark environments, and all manner of LED-infused wonders” and “Don’t let the weather stop you from having the best NYE ever! Join your fellow Headliners for some warmth and camaraderie in the covered areas provided around the venue. You’ll find heaters, beverages, and places to sit and chill before you’re ready to get back to dancing.”

  1. DON’T: Post/stream on social media the entire time

I’m sure all of your loved ones are happy you’re spending NYE with close friends at a fun event but no need to show people every waking moment of your life. Take a couple of pics, post later. You’re going to miss out on parts of the event, waiting for everything to finish uploading since so many people aren’t going to follow this advice and the data connection will be slow at the venue.

See you in 2018. Please survive at your first rave and come back to work alive and in one piece.


Boss-Man Neil

Janet's First Rave - Insomniac's Countdown New Year's Eve 2017.

Janet’s First Rave – Insomniac’s Countdown New Year’s Eve 2017.

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