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Minecraft Dungeons: An Outstanding Game

by Lethbridge College

Minecraft Dungeons is one of the best games out there! Although it does have its flaws, the diversity and creativity put into this game makes up for its weaker aspects. Minecraft Dungeons was created as a spin off to the original game Minecraft.


This version takes the main components from the original game and presents them in a new and unique way. Unlike Minecraft, in Minecraft Dungeons players are operating in a completely handcrafted world that is designed with traps, puzzles and mobs that randomly generate each game (you will never play the same map twice). You and three of your friends can take on all the Minecraft dimensions on any platform, searching through the maps for lost chest and treasures, finding secrets and conquering all sorts of malicious mobs and monsters. Unlocking new and stronger armor and weapons that you can use and interchange as you please! You always have access to your full inventory, so you can swap gear in and out as much as you want. Though you do have to purchase some worlds outside of the game, they are completely worth it because of the amazing animations, graphics, and game mechanics.


My favorite thing about this game is the ability to go into your inventory whenever you would like and have full access to everything you own unless you have placed it in your storage chest. This mechanic is not in the original game of Minecraft although I wish it were, but it comes in handy specifically in Minecraft Dungeons because there is always so much going on. You can be walking through the map, and it could be calm with no monsters around and then you turn the corner, and boom, there are two dozen zombies and creepers waiting for you. You may want a longer sword so you can hit the creepers before they are close enough to explode.

Game Progression:

Another mechanic that I love about this game is that every map has an introduction story that links with the one before, all leading to the great battle against the Archilleger. I find that having a story makes the game more interesting and easier to get lost in. It gives the player a connection to the game and gives them a sense of satisfaction when the defeat a level or a boss mob. A lot of games nowadays seem to lack that feeling of satisfaction, Minecraft for example, although still beloved by many, has reached a point where beating the game has now become easy for many. The game also encourages progression by the different difficulty settings, allowing players to find and enchant new and stronger armor and weapons. Each level of difficulty eventually maxes out and you must change difficulties to upgrade further.

Overall, I would recommend Minecraft Dungeons to anyone who loves Minecraft already or enjoys PvE with the complex dynamic this game has.

Difficulty/ Enchanting:

There are various aspects of this game that stand out while playing, both positive and negative, but that leaves room for feedback and improvement in the future. Minecraft Dungeons has a unique leveling system where you must complete the first difficulty level to then unlock the next one. The first difficulty you are faced with is called “default” where the mobs and gear will be adequate. The treasures you find will be lower-level gear, but do not worry they will get stronger as you progress.

The next level of difficulty you will face is called “adventure” where the mobs get a little more difficult. You also will be introduced to new mobs that will inflict damage in a variety of different ways. Although the monsters you are facing may be getting harder, the gear and treasure you find along the way will also begin to increase in level and the enchantments you get will upgrade too. Sadly, you do not get to choose your specific enchantments. In this difficulty, you get six options, and only are allowed to choose two. This mechanic is not great, but it is still better than the enchantment mechanic in the original game Minecraft where you do not get to see what enchantments you are placing onto your gear. In that case, you just choose level one, two or three and hope they turn out good.

The last level of difficulty you will be faced with is the “apocalypse” difficulty. This is the hardest difficulty in the game, where the mobs become extremely hard and their numbers multiply astronomically. The gear you find is outstanding and you will also unlock a third enchantment slot, upgrading you from six options to nine. The size of the maps also increases as well as the amount of chest and treasures you shall find along the way. Playing on this difficulty takes immense focus and patience as the number of mobs you face are not for the faint hearted.

Map Creation:

The most standout part of this game is that every one of the fourteen maps are handmade and randomly generated every time you start a new round. There is so much detail that has gone into every single one of these maps, giving them a combination of depth and mystery. They are mixed with some breathtaking animations such as elevators, wind gusts, moving water and lava. These may seem like very minimal contributions to the entire game overall, but they create an atmosphere within the game that no words can truly explain. I give the creators a huge round of applause for the time and energy put into every one of these maps and the execution of the mobs. Their hard work shows, and it is something they should be incredibly proud of.

The only downside that I see with the way they designed the maps has nothing to do with the architectural or animatic design of the game. Once you have completed and found all the secret maps on the main island, you must purchase the other worlds. There are six additional maps you must purchase from the Microsoft store before you are able to progress forward. I do understand why they would make them an additional cost when you put that much time and effort into the design and gameplay of your game. However, it is a little bit of a letdown that the additional games do not come as a package deal or with Game Pass on Xbox for example.


I would give this game 4 out of 5 stars. I love this game and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Minecraft or just playing PvE type games. This game is extremely child friendly and suitable for all ages. The only downside I see is the additional cost of the other maps. Besides that, this game is outstanding, and I plan on playing it for a long time.

Written by Chase Grover, Lethbridge College

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