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Barbie: It’s a Barbie’s World & I Can’t Get Kenough of It!

by Andrew Nguyen

Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, follows Barbie and Ken and their daily life in Barbieland but when they have to cross over to the Real World, they are in for a not so plastic-friendly world.

To start off, Barbie is a visual spectacle. When you are in Barbieland, there are so many bright colors that really help convey how removed it is from the Real World which later will become one of the main key themes of the movie. From the costumes and props, it really made the musical numbers and performances all the more fun to see.

Margot Robbie is MADE to be Barbie. If I didn’t know any better, the creator of Barbie had a vision of Margot Robbie and made this doll look almost identical to her. Other than the physicality, Margot Robbie’s performance as a “Stereotypical” Barbie who is discovering humanity for the first time had a lot of heart and humor that you just can’t find anyone else to do this role.  Although I believe the majority of the internet was weary of Ryan Gosling’s casting as Ken, I knew this man would kill it. He definitely captures the “I-was-made-for-loving-you-and-I-don’t-have-any-other-purpose” kind of guy. These two had great chemistry on and off the screen. I recommend also watching their press interviews because you definitely understand why there are no other actors that can play Barbie and Ken.

Let’s now get to the elephant in the room, a lot of “reviewers” have been criticizing Barbie as it is a film that attacks men and the idea of patriarchy and highlights the strengths of feminism. They are right, it does. But as a man myself, I must say GET. OVER. IT. YOU. CRYBABIES. This film was not made for you. I enjoyed the jokes they made about how safe men feel when they are walking down the street or how men get jealous after you attack their egos and start wars over the smallest things because it is absolutely true. Women are continuing to face many challenges and struggles in their everyday life and just because it doesn’t affect you directly doesn’t mean that you should minimize it or bash on the film. I feel like even though I am aware of the issues, I will never be able to truly understand the challenges of being a woman but this film is a great PSA. I am very happy a film like this is made especially for young women everywhere to watch and know that they are heard and not alone. Any man that watches this film and feels like they have been attacked, you are completely missing the point and you need to review your whole perspective on life.

Overall this movie delivers such a fun time while also delivering such a heartfelt story that uncovers the complexity of humanity and discovering our own self-purpose. I am really tempted to buy an “I’m Kenough” hoodie…

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