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Moving: A New K-Drama Series Coming to Hulu

by Neil Bui

Hulu has a new K-Drama series coming out next week by the name of Moving. The series is an adaptation of a popular webtoon by the same name, with the creator Kang Full’s involvement as the writer for the episodes, a strong sign of faithfulness to the source material on screen.

The original Moving webtoon can be read in English on Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/moving-comic/info

Based on the trailer (see below), the series feels reminiscent of the drama series Heroes as it focuses more on the lives of people with powers in a world that may not fully accept them. And while that may be a part of the plot for some superhero storylines such as with Marvel or DC Comics, showcasing the challenges of trying to continue a normal life along the way to herohood can feel a bit niche or in the minority of the stories out there. But that’s not to say it has not been done before, as X-Men and Teen Titans are prominent examples of stories featuring young people learning to live with their powers and hopefully learning the ropes of being a hero.

With that, I’m looking forward to seeing the story Kang Full and director Park In-jae have prepared for audiences worldwide.

Premiere Date: August 9, 2023 on Hulu

Synopsis: Bongseok, a boy who could float before he could walk, and Huisoo, a girl who survived a horrific car crash unscathed, end up at the same school. They quickly become close after confiding in each other, and soon discover there are more people like them out in the world — people with extraordinary abilities. But while life seems relatively carefree for the teenagers, a mysterious delivery driver named Frank begins murdering people with powers across Seoul.

With danger drawing ever closer, will anyone be able to stop Frank before he uncovers the children’s secrets?

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