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Pokémon Generations Ep 13 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
From Pokémon Generations episode 13.

The Gym Leaders of Unova. From Pokémon Generations episode 13.

It can be simplified; the complexities of this universe or another can always be simplified. No matter how difficult the process may be, there is a path to simplicity. That gigantic underground castle may not make much sense just rising above the League, but somehow, it just does. The differences in ideals between the League and Team Plasma’s plans are originally stemmed from the differences in personal belief and experience.

The League has been built and stood in plain sight for ages, yet there was this secondary building just waiting to be erected from under. It was waiting for its chance to rise and take down the ideals of the League. Team Plasma can’t have the League stand for it would be detrimental to Ghetsis’ operations. This reasoning can easily be traced back to selfishness. Ghetsis wants to take control of the Unova region and possibly have all the Pokémon under his reign. It’s like simplifying the ownership of Pokémon. Perhaps because every other owner has tendencies that defy Ghetsis’ ideal world. That is, a world where he is supreme ruler. He doesn’t want you to go swim in the ocean with your dear Lapras. He wants to use your Lapras as a part of his fleet for world domination because he feels that his ideals have been ordained by the highest powers known in the Pokémon world.

In this fashion, he must make sure that his effort is enforced by those that will follow his ideals and thus obey his orders. So, he calls upon some simpletons and tells them that his ideals are their ideals and that only these ideals are the best ideals. Perhaps Ghetsis has a witty mouth. Or perhaps the simpletons are idiots. One could see it similarly to the rise of the Trump presidency. Use some angry yet extremely relatable rhetoric and make shit happen.

The League is much similarly the same thing; however, it is those that follow the League’s will, that is the will of the people, that make up the rules. Rather than having the people listen to one selfish person’s ideals, the League takes in all the opinions of the people to create plans. Common people follow a certain set of general rules defined by the league to gain power, and thus they can persuade the people toward their cause in a civilized and controlled process.

In that sense, the League is almost like a republic and Team Plasma is definitely a monarchy. Though, like Drayden with the epic beard says, “I can certainly empathize with some of what you say, but I cannot forgive the way you reject everything else,” the monarchy of Team Plasma isn’t necessarily bad or evil, it just has some kinks to it. Perhaps Ghetsis would make a terrible ruler but N could have done fine if given the chance. This babbling all seems too similar to the words of Ghetsis’ main crew. Like Iris said, “You sure talk a lot but you don’t make any sense at all!”

In simpler terms, it seems to be a battle between the will of one and the will of many. Or it’s just a bunch of savages beating some sense into one another. Doesn’t really make sense. But neither does that rising castle. Also, where the hell is that lightning coming from? ZEKROM WHERE YOU AT?

Now that my babbling’s over, I’m going to go play some Pokémon Sun.

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