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Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Superman vs Batman Film

by Don Pham

cyborg-ray-fisher-batman-vs-supermanThough it has yet to be officially confirmed, Variety has reported that Ray Fisher will be used for the role of Cyborg in the upcoming (but still un-named) Superman vs Batman film.

Ray Fisher is best known for his role as Muhammad Ali in the play Fetch Clay, Make Man. Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, is a well-known half-man-half-machine DC superhero and member of the Justice League. He gained his powers when being mortally wounded and, to save his life, was bound permanently to machines that both saves his life and acts as weapons. Allusions to his appearance in this upcoming film were seen in Man of Steel when S.T.A.R. Labs, the location of his “birth” as a superhero, was mentioned. I’m not familiar enough with his work to say whether or not he can play the right Cyborg, but he sure looks like Cyborg (you know, minus the whole shiny metal weapons attached to his body).

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was due to make an appearance in the DC film franchise and was (by some) suspected to be a potential Cyborg candidate. Now that has been ruled out (along with Green Lantern), many people believe he will become Martian Manhunter but my money’s on Lobo the Bounty Hunter.

So what do you guys think about Muhammad Ali becoming the Teen Titan Cyborg? Is it a good choice? Comment below to let me know what you think.


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