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Shaky Shivers Review: Trick or Treat? Definitely a Treat for this Spooky Season!

by Andrew Nguyen

Shaky Shivers starring VyVy Nguyen and Brooke Markham and directed by the “Asian guy from the Fast and Furious”, Sung Kang, is a film that follows two friends as their friendship is put to the test with witches, werewolves, and… a Sasquatch? This film is outrageously campy and if that sounds like something you are up for, you are in for a treat just in time for the spookiest time of the year.

The on-screen friendship between Brooke Markham and VyVy Nguyen was such a joy to watch and very genuine. Their chemistry was on point and really helped build a foundation for the plot and keep us grounded while the supernatural is occurring all around. After sitting down with Sung Kang, we learn about the love that he has for practical effects and paying homage to Rick Baker through his pupil Gabriel Bartalos’ work. It was well executed and brought the nostalgic feeling of an 80s-90s horror film. As well as the setting of the film which gives me the camp Crystal Lake kind of vibe from Friday the 13th.

While this film is considered lower budget than most blockbusters, it doesn’t show any less heart and dedication to the filmmaking process that went into it. For anyone that is looking for those quirky horror comedies, this film is right up your alley!

Click here to get your tickets to Shaky Shivers as it will only be in theaters for one night: September 21, 2023.

Synopsis: After finding herself bitten by a mysterious animal, Lucy becomes convinced that she will transform into a fearsome werewolf. Joined by her best friend Karen, the two embark on a wild adventure filled with magic and mayhem, as they look to do battle with a throat-slashing creature ripped right out of an 80s horror movie.

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