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Sweet Tooth: Christian Convery Q&A

by Neil Bui

At DC FanDome, Christian Convery, who stars as everyone’s favorite deer-boy hybrid Gus on Warner Bros. Television’s DC series SWEET TOOTH for Netflix, answers fan questions about shooting in New Zealand, his favorite DC heroes, animatronic ears, and his hopes for Gus and the hybrids in season 2.

How much candy did you eat while filming? 

Christian Convery (CC): The amount of pieces of candy I think I ate [was] probably more than 500. But I’m definitely not complaining. That was amazing. I do have a sweet tooth in real life, too. 

How do your ears work?

CC: So the ears are actually controlled not in post-production and not by me. It’s actually a whole rig that controls them. So it starts by me putting on a skullcap, which holds the wig and antlers but the ears are actually connected to that skullcap and the ears have wires that run down my neck and onto a pouch on my back that’s strapped onto me. And then there’s a puppeteer, and me and him work together to remote control the ears and think of cool ideas that we can do during the scene to really make Gus come alive. 

What is your favorite part about shooting in New Zealand?

CC: My favorite part about shooting in New Zealand was how the nature is so spectacular and extravagant that when it’s put onto camera, you’re like ‘is this fake because it looks so majestic and magical.’ That is what I love about New Zealand, the magical nature there.

Do you have a favorite DC character?

CC: I love basically all DC characters. I love all the classics like, for example, Superman, The Flash, but I gotta give it to Sweet Tooth because I am Gus, and Gus is in Sweet Tooth. And Sweet Tooth is a DC comic book. So it’s pretty cool, getting to bring in a DC comic book to life and be one of the characters in it. 

Did you read the Sweet Tooth comics?

CC: I indeed read the comics before starting Sweet Tooth and I loved Jeff Lemire’s writing techniques, and how he really brought it alive off the page. It’s so amazing in the comic books, and it really helped me get a jumpstart with Gus. 

What happens to the Hybrids next?

CC:  Well I know I’m itching to find out what happens next but I really hope that Bobby’s okay because he’s the cutest thing in the world. Well, and of course all the other Hybrids, but you’ll just have to wait and watch Season 2 to find out.

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