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Review: ‘The Batman’ When Vengeance Becomes Hope

by Neil Bui

The Batman is simply amazing and is a must-see in theaters. Robert Pattinson gives us a Batman with more detective skills than we’ve ever seen before, in a Gotham City ravaged by corruption and greed. 

While the film runs for almost 3 hours, the experience is well worth it in order to truly appreciate the quality and detail of sound design. Visually, the cast and crew gave it their all to bring to life what is sure to go down in history as iconic scenes for not just the superhero genre but all of film. If you’ve seen the trailers, then you know what I’m talking about (Batman walking towards the camera after a car chase).

While the film takes place in what is Bruce Wayne’s second year of operating as The Bat, he’s still finding his way as to what his greater role in Gotham City is to be. As expected for an early (not origin story) Batman, he is coming to terms with not just his mission but also living up to his family legacy or at least acknowledging its significance. Despite the dark tones of the film, it’s ultimately a hopeful story that is about a pivotal moment for how this take on Batman will operate moving forward.

As someone who has loved Batman for as long as he can remember, The Batman takes me back to those feelings of awe and wonder when it comes to seeing a Batman film for the first time. What sets this adaptation apart is that the trauma and pain of losing your parents the way Bruce Wayne did is truly felt. It isn’t just that something bad happened and then he grew up aspiring to resolve injustices in his city in order to prevent what happened to him, happen to someone else. It’s that becoming this figure is a way to cope and deal with trauma that is still greatly hindering his ability to be a real adult in the world.

Simply put, this is the greatest Batman film of all time. It’s certain to satisfy all expectations of a Dark Knight film by being both a superhero movie as well as a detective noir story. And it’s incredible how this film touches on real world elements while still taking audiences into the city of Gotham.

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