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Review: ‘Uncharted’ is Fantastic and Fresh

by Lethbridge College

Uncharted is an adaptation of a game of the same name that follows the story of a treasure hunter Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) looking to recover a 500-year-old lost fortune of the great Ferdinand Magellan that is worth billions. He recruits a street-smart teenager Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) to help him decipher the clues and solve the mystery of lost treasure’s location.

Rating: ★★★★★


The storyline in this film is on point and gives a clear goal for the characters, a similar feeling you get when you play the game. They really nailed the uncharted feeling. Every scene felt like the game itself which is superb for a fan like myself. Action scenes are top level as well. They unravel the storyline very well and even a non fan can enjoy the movie and follow along without any issues whatsoever. It was a great start to kick-off the series and very relatable.

Character Development

At first, I was skeptical and expecting some spidey moves from Tom Holland’s character but he managed to accurately portray Nate’s charm, wit and humor. It’s nice to see him playing a role other than Spider-Man. Mark Wahlberg is definitely a big yes for his role. He did pretty good and gave justice to Victor “Sully” showing the character’s own personality. It was full of surprises, twists and betrayals. The character’s tone was somehow light and some are darker, as well as the intense moments which made their character even better.

All the characters were handled perfectly as well as all the twists and turns of everyone’s character. They managed to show how the character developed slowly from the start to middle of the movie with some character plot twists. The remainder of the cast are all amazing and did great with their roles.


The movie was set in many parts of the world including New York, Spain and The Philippines. The climax of the story is located somewhere in a fictitious island in the Philippines as they follow the route of Ferdinand Magellan and where he hid the said lost treasure. The movie is mostly shot in green screen to give justice to the impressive action sequences.

What I like most is that they really tried their best to remake some of the iconic scenes from the game, especially the scene where Nate’s is hanging in a cargo plane. It was a fantastic remake.  It really gives the game vibe – a huge thing for a fan. However, a minor flaw is that the film’s score is not quite as breathtaking as the video game soundtrack.


The movie really gives the same energy as the series of video games it portrays. No boring or dead scenes at all. All the action scenes are on point and the fast-paced plot keeps viewers hooked all throughout the movie. It was a new and refreshing adaptation and gave justice to the game series. If you’re a fan, you really can tell they made the movie extraordinary.

Overall, the movie adaptation is fantastic and really captures the feel of the Uncharted games while still having the fresh take of its own. I could say whether you’re a big fan of the game series or completely new, you’ll have no problem following the story line and it is absolutely fun to watch. I would highly recommend watching it and I am so ready for the sequel!

Written by Claude Soriano, Lethbridge College

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