Brittany Venti Violated On Stream By 4Chan Hackers

by Kat Liu
Brittany Venti.

YouTuber and streamer Brittany Venti was playing Grand Theft Auto V on her stream when hackers from 4chan hacked into her server and “raped” her character.

After demanding that the hackers leave, Brittany Venti appeared to be visibly upset and ended up crying and running around in the game trying to get away from the hackers.

Hm. I really don’t know how to feel about this. Because here’s the thing: part of me wants to laugh and part of me wants to shake my head and roll my eyes. No part of me wants to cry for this girl and start a crowdfunding platform for her as a victim of rape. Yes, it’s a rapey situation. But if anything her server should feel violated, because it was forcibly taken by some internet trolls. As for the rape part- I mean can we really even call it that— rape? A pantless avatar was chasing her around and humping her from behind. The game physics and design do not allow for “rape” to happen, so I feel like saying what took place was “rape” is a pretty big stretch.

Let me be clear. I do not condone rape of any kind. That’s fucking crazy. And I don’t think that if you laugh at this video or see it for what it is- an internet prank— that you take rape lightly. But, IMHO, this was a [dark] internet prank and Brittany Venti should get an Oscar for her wonderful over the top performance. And I’m not hating on her for hamming it up. She’s a streamer. That’s exactly what she should have done. Who cares if the tears are real? This was a perfect opportunity for her to escalate the situation and get her 15 seconds of internet fame. And she did, in conjunction with the 4chan trolls. Hats of to them.

Also, let me say this one more time in case I was unclear. Rape is not okay.

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