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31 Days of Comics 2020

by Neil Bui

Earlier this year, I came across the 31 Days of Comics challenge by Seth Hahne, from GoodOKBad.com. He had based this off of the movie/song-per-day challenges that I’m sure you’ve seen in people’s Instagram stories.

I’ve been waiting for the month of July to dedicate my time towards this challenge, given that in-person pop culture events have been canceled (like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con), I wanted to continue celebrating comic books in my own way. I’m excited for the opportunity to discuss some of my most beloved comics, that I’ve never really had an opportunity to share before.

This summer, I’ll be writing a new post every few days about a particular comic book issue that fits the theme of the corresponding day on this list. The list of days and themes below will be updated with the correct link to direct you to the related post on a continual basis.

Some of the premier covers of the revamped DC Digital First collection. Photo: DC Comics

Some of the premier covers of the revamped DC Digital First collection. Photo: DC Comics

As always, please leave a comment with your thoughts on what I had to say or any questions you have that I will try my best to answer. And for this, maybe even suggest your own category of a comic you’d like to see discussed.

Day 1 – My favorite comic

Day 2 – A comic I recommend to everybody no matter what

Day 3 – Great adaptation or remake of another work

Day 4 – First comic series I seriously pursued

Day 5 – Great love story

Day 6 – Non-fiction comic I’d recommend to people who don’t do nonfiction

Day 7 – My comfort comic

Day 8 – A gorgeous comic

Day 9 – Comic that totally blew my mind

Day 10 – The most beautiful scene in any comic

Day 11 – Old comic I love

Day 12 – Great holiday comic

Day 13 – Great plot twist

Day 14 – Comic that I love that I’ll never read again

Day 15 – A comic that makes me smile

Day 16 – A comic that makes me cry

Day 17 – A comic that reminds me of someone

Day 18 – A comic that deserves a soundtrack

Day 19 – A comic that I quote from

Day 20 – A comic with witty dialogue

Day 21 – A comic that I used to love but now dislike

Day 22 – A comic that makes me wanna have sloppy makeouts with someone

Day 23 – First comic I ever bought

Day 24 – A comic that makes me laugh

Day 25 – A comic from a favorite creator

Day 26 – A guilty pleasure comic

Day 27 – The comic I’ve read the most times

Day 28 – A great comic for kids

Day 29 – Comic that changed the way I see the world

Day 30 – A truly smart comic

Day 31 – A comic that I would feel bad for leaving off a list of comics

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