4 Video Game Hacks For Non-Gamers That Will Enhance The Experience

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Let’s face it – there isn’t much to do during a lockdown! Whether you’re a frequent gamer or a non-gamer, there aren’t many better ways to pass the time than playing video games. Most people turn on the console, and before they know it – BAM! An hour has flown by without you realizing it.

Of course, the gaming world is far more complicated than ever. Today, non-gamers have to figure out which hardware, games, and accessories to choose, and it can be overwhelming. You need these four hacks if the idea of doing too much research zaps the fun out of gaming.

Here’s how to enhance the experience as a newbie.

Focus On The Add-ons

Focusing on the accessories first won’t make sense at first, but it does when you realize most consoles have the same attributes. As a non-specialist, you don’t care about the Xbox versus PlayStation debate unless one is cheaper than the other. And you shouldn’t because both have excellent graphics and are easy to use. Instead, investing in a comfortable seat and a high-definition TV will stop gaming from becoming monotonous. Not only will you be comfy, but you’ll see everything clearly and instantly become enthralled in the storyline.

Story Vs. Online Mode

It’s smart not to assume that you’ll get a detailed, thorough storyline. Today, most games are made for the internet, which means you could be dissatisfied with the options you choose. To avoid this, check out the games that come with incredible story modes that you won’t complete within a day. Red Dead Redemption and the Grand Theft Auto franchises are fantastic examples as the maps are huge and there’s so much to do before you hit up the online mode. On the flip side, CoD (Call of Duty) is popular with online players.

Buying retro games, such as Mario Kart or Resident Evil, will bring back good memories and feelings flooding back.

Buying retro games, such as Mario Kart or Resident Evil, will bring back good memories and feelings flooding back.

Remember Your Childhood

As a kid, you probably spent hours in your room trying to defeat poorly created baddies and loved it. Over time, you fell out of love with gaming, yet the kid inside you is still waiting for its chance to shine. So, why don’t you give it what it wants? Buying retro games, such as Mario Kart or Resident Evil, will bring back good memories and feelings flooding back. Alternatively, did you have Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z figures as a kid? If you did, the video game versions should be to your liking. After all, it’s a 3D, immersible experience.

Team Up

You aren’t a gamer, but your friends love to while away the hours on their consoles, so they know a thing or two about keeping themselves entertained. Seeing as you have good mentors, you can team up with your buddies and let them show you the ropes. Buy the hardware and software that you prefer because you’re the one who’s going to play it, yet listen to them when it comes to game recommendations. When everybody is in the same online battle, the experience will be twice as funny.

Are you a fan of gaming? What video games are your favorites?

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