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Top 5 Moments from the DC FanDome

by Neil Bui

This weekend, 24 hours were committed to DC FanDome, a virtual global pop culture celebration of the greatest characters and stories from DC Comics across print, film, television, gaming, and even real life. With a core 8 hours of content (that ran for 2 reruns to make a full day), I’ve picked out the top 5 moments from the DC FanDome.

  1. The Suicide Squad Behind the Scenes and Character Reveals

Move over, Harley Quinn. Ratcatcher is my new Suicide Squad bae. This new film on Task Force X is definitely bigger and badder in all the right ways! Come on, they’re making Pete Davidson an action star and I love it!

  1. Batman: Gotham Knights Game Trailer Releases

There’s been so much teased about the Court of Owls, that thought this would be another Arkham series game. But, much to my delight, this is a stand-alone game or hopefully the start of a new successful series. The producers were definitely onto a winning idea with a post-Batman Gotham that must make do without their Dark Knight. I’m glad Red Hood is getting the mainstream attention his character deserves, as well as Tim Drake as Robin. But on that note, did anyone think Robin was Damian Wayne instead?

  1. The Dakotaverse Returns

The characters of the Dakotaverse by Milestone Media will be returning early 2021. Milestone Media was founded by Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Derek T. Dingle and the late Dwayne McDuffie (along with Christopher Priest who was originally going to be the Editor-in-Chief), a group of black men that wanted to bring more diversity to the world of comics through better representation of characters. I was first exposed to these properties through the Static Shock animated series from the early 2000s. More exposure has been given to characters like Icon and Rocket through the Young Justice animated series. These characters will be featured in new comic series with plans to expand across different mediums such as animation, film, and podcast.

  1. The Snyder Cut Trailer Premieres

Tell me if I’m wrong, but the trailer for the Snyder Cut felt like it was entirely new footage. It’s amazing how much material was never seen in theaters and that there’s enough to produce what feels like will be a different film that will do justice to the League.

  1. The Batman Trailer Debuts

For over a year, I’ve been a big supporter of Robert Pattinson stepping into the role of Batman. I’ve called him the Batman who will put Detective back at DC. My two major points: (1) To people who say they can’t see him as Batman, that’s exactly the point – Batman wouldn’t want people to look at Bruce Wayne and think he’s the Batman (2) Pattinson’s career has revolved around taking on dynamically different characters and finding the ability to overcome others’ preconceptions and do each role justice. If that second point doesn’t sound like a billionaire orphan trying to do good in the world, I don’t know what else to tell you. If you haven’t stayed up to date with his career, check out these trailers for the best films he’s been in that show his range of talent.

Back to the trailer debut…

I’m incredibly stoked for The Batman by Matt Reeves and from what I’ve seen on social media a lot of people are as well. I knew a trailer was going to be one of the pivotal moments that mainstream audiences would start to see the amazing potential here. The tone, the intensity, the overall feel of the film based on the trailer is the right balance of familiarity for a Batman film yet still breaks new ground in giving us a fresh direction. Well done, cast and crew. October 1 2021 cannot come soon enough.

Honorary Mentions:

Titans Season 3 Details

  • I can’t wait to see the rise of the Red Hood and Commissioner Barbara Gordon

Multiverse 101

  • It was great seeing the heads of film, television, and comics talking about the vast diversity and potential of DC’s multiverse and how there’s going to be multiple adaptations of beloved characters all being released and recognized at the same time

The Flash

  • The released concept art for The Flash’s new suit from Batman looks awesome and was well-received by fans

Beyond Batman

  • A simple short giving Bruce and Terry from Batman Beyond a glimpse into the Adam West television series and included brand new voiceover to react to the hilarity they witnessed.

Overall Perception of DC FanDome:

What set this event apart from the other virtual experience I had from Comic-Con@Home was how everything was being broadcasted from 1 destination, DCFanDome.com, and all attendees were watching the same transmissions at the same time at the same rate. Basically, everyone was finding things out together at the same time.

In contrast, Comic-Con@Home premiered different panels at different times which ultimately meant fans could go back and watch panels they missed, but there would be multiple panels debuting simultaneously requiring fans to pick and choose. With the DC FanDome, the choice was simply to stay tuned for the next announcement or be out of the loop, which makes the selection process a lot easier for someone who was already clearing up his or her day for the event.

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