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Pokémon GO Sinnoh and Gen. IV Guide

by Neil Bui

Niantic introduced Pokémon GO Sinnoh Region and the Generation IV of Pokémon this week, as a result, we’re here to provide you with what you need to know on your journey to becoming a Pokémon Master!

The current number of available Sinnoh region Pokémon is limited, but as more are introduced into the game, we’ll let you know!

Get Ready for these evolutions in Pokémon GO Sinnoh

With each new Generation, newly discovered evolutions/pre-evolutions to Pokémon from older Generations are revealed. Because of this, we recommend stockpiling up on candies for the following Pokémon:

  • Magneton (evolves to Magnezone with 100 candies )
  • Lickitung (evolves to Lickilicky with 50 candies)
  • Rhydon (evolves to (Rhyperior with 100 candies)
    • With two Rhydons as my highest CP Pokémons currently, I’m pretty excited to evolve them soon.
  • Tangela (evolves to Tangrowth with 50 candies)
  • Electabuzz (evolves to Electivire with 50 or 100 candies)
    • Seems like Electivire is probably going to be the strongest non-Legendary electric type.
  • Magmar (evolves to Magmortar with 50 or 100 candies)
    • Similarly Magmortar is my pick for top non-Legendary fire type of Gen. 4.
  • Eevee (evolves to Leafeon or Glaceon with 25 candies)
  • Porygon2 (evolves to Porygon-Z with 100 candies)
  • Togetic (evolves to Togekiss with 50 or 100 candies)
  • Aipom (evolves to Ambipom with 50 candies)
  • Yanma (evolves to Yanmega with 50 candies)
  • Murkrow (evolves to Honchkrow with 50 candies)
  • Misdreavus (evolves to Mismagius with 50 candies)
  • Gligar (evolves to Gliscor with 50 candies)
  • Sneasel (evolves to Weavile with 50 candies)
  • Piloswine (evolves to Mamoswine with 100 candies)
    • Maybe the best non-Legendary ice type?
  • Kirlia (evolves to Gallade with 100 candies)
  • Nosepass (evolves to Probopass with 50 candies)
  • Roselia (evolves to Roserade with 50 or 100 candies)
  • Dusclops (evolves to Dusknoir with 100 candies)
  • Snorunt (evolves to Froslass with 50 candies)

Currently Known Pokémon GO Sinnoh Eggs

2 km Egg Pokémon 5 km Egg Pokémon 10 km Egg Pokémon
Starly Turtwig Shinx
Kricketot Chimchar Riolu


The Official Pokémon Company International website states changes to the game include:

  • Weather having a reduced effect on the rate of Pokémon appearing
  • Also as players explore an area, a greater variety of Pokémon species appear over time and at different rates
  • Specific areas such as parks and nature reserves will contain more variety in Pokémon species

As expected, Changes to Battle Mechanics:

  • First of all, CP values adjusted, improving game balance
  • In addition, HP values adjusted, closing the gap between high HP and low HP Pokémon
  • Furthermore, defense values slightly reduced for most Pokémon, narrowing the gap between the highest defensive stats Pokémon and others
  • Lastly, defense and Stamina values will be rebalanced, allowing Pokémon with high defensive stats to be valuable by outlasting opponents in battle, instead of taking too long to defeat

Stay tuned as we find out more updates to Pokémon GO Sinnoh, we’ll update this page accordingly to provide the most useful information for everyone playing.

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