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Bandai Announces Union Arena Card Game English Version

by Neil Bui

Bandai Card Games announced the English release of Union Arena, a trading card game originally released in March 2023 that lets many popular anime and game titles battle using one set of rules, to be October 2024.

This English release will be more than a simple localization as the titles selected will be specifically designed for North America. The first three titles will be BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, HUNTER X HUNTER, and Jujutsu Kaisen, all currently popular series in North America.

In a video announcement by Bandai Card Games, host Maxwell Powers and English edition producer Akari Fujimoto revealed details about Union Arena such as gameplay mechanics like iconic abilities and raid effects that add depth and strategy to battles between players.

  • Iconic abilities refer to the distinctive and signature powers or moves associated with specific characters from the anime or manga series represented in the game.
  • Players can utilize these iconic abilities by playing corresponding character cards. These abilities often mirror the special powers or techniques that these characters possess in their respective series.
  • For instance, a BLEACH character card might have an iconic ability that allows the player to unleash a powerful finishing attack using the character’s Bankai, replicating scenes from the original series.
  • Raid effects are special actions or enhancements that players can trigger during the game by using specific cards or combinations of cards. These effects usually involve collaboration or teamwork among characters from the same series.
  • When a player plays a card with a raid effect, it can potentially turn the tide of the battle or provide a strategic advantage. Raid effects often require coordination between different character cards from the same series.
  • Using a Jujutsu Kaisen card, a player might activate a raid effect where the character undergoes a transformation, becoming more powerful and delivering a significant attack known as the “domain expansion.”

For more information on the English release of Union Arena in North America, please see the video announcement below.

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