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Caper! First 2 Episodes Now On Youtube!

by Don Pham

We gave you the heads up, now we’re giving you the review on the first 2 episodes of Caper! You can catch the show right now on Youtube: Episode 1 City of Angels and Episode 2 The Kilt Brahs.

Geek & Sundry has really out done themselves with this latest web series. The first two episodes are incredibly on par with what we see on TV. The series is complimented incredibly well with the addition of intense action sequences through moving comics. By not distracting me with some D-rated CGI, I was able to fully enjoy my 20-minutes in bliss. For those worried that it’s only action, it’s also filled with witty lines and funny, light-hearted moments. The cast of Capers plays to their unique strengths and really had me liking them all individually as characters.

Not only that, the story was also particularly intriguing and unique. It’s different because it isn’t about the Tony Starks or the Bruce Waynes (people with infinite wads of cash lying around); it’s about the Peter Parkers, the Bruce Banners and the Kick-Ass. These are the other guys–the ones that don’t get paid for their deed and aren’t appreciated for their hard work.

As such, we can’t help but feel sorry for our heroes. The only way they can get paid  and to get what’s rightly theirs is toturn on their own principles and start bending a few laws of their own. This speaks to me. The idea essentially lit a light bulb in my head and made me think that perhaps the heroes really don’t always have it all that great as we believe.

Currently, I’d give Capers a solid 8/10. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes and will definitely continue watching.
Give it a watch and come back to let us know what you thought down below!

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