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Chris Recommends Comics: Featuring ‘Huck’

by Chris Im
Huck. Courtesy of Image Comics.

Huck. Courtesy of Image Comics.

Hello, Dorkaholics!

Looking to get into a good comic book but unsure where to start? Well, look no further, because I’ve got a great recommendation for you.

Today’s comic book is Huck (Issues 1-6). Published by Image Comics and created by Mark Millar (creator of Kick-Ass, Wanted, and the Jupiter’s Legacy comics), Huck was an unexpected find for me. Usually, I consider myself a mainstream DC fanboy, who occasionally finds himself reading a few Marvel titles… but seeing that Mark Millar had written the comic, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. For all of those people out there who are sick and tired of overpowered superheroes on the big screen, this one might be more your style. It’s an extremely inspirational feel-good story of a good-natured, all-American man who strives to accomplish at least one good deed a day. Similar to Superman, he’s an orphan, raised by people who have given him love, support, and an unshakable moral foundation. Also similar to Superman, he has super powers. But it’s not what you think – he can’t really fly, nor does he have all sorts of supervision, but he is extremely strong and fast and has the ability to find anything.

So here’s my breakdown of it: It flows nicely, not really campy, has a great story, and a well-developed main character. It really gives pride in being an American and is a story of good values. The art is nice and not overly detailed, but still elaborate. The villain is well thought out and has a good motive for being a “villain”. The only downside (if you can even really consider it a downside) is that the supporting characters aren’t too memorable, but I guess it is more of how the characters react to him en masse that really matters. Not to get too Literary Analysis-y, but… there’s a great central theme of wanting to do good and be good in there. By the end of the book, it makes you want to go outside, get to know your neighbor and do a good deed for them. Not because you’ll get something out of it, but because you know that’s an American value. Doing the right thing.

If you’re interested, and my rambling has somewhat piqued your curiosity, you can check out the comic here: http://readcomicbooksonline.com/huck

But please, if you can, support the official release and go buy the trade (a trade is what you call a volume of issues in one collective book for a story arc by the way). Or you can buy each issue individually if you want six different great covers.

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