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Fallout: Don’t Keep this Vaulted; A Must Watch

by Andrew Nguyen

Fallout starring Ella Purnell, Walter Goggins, and Aaron Clifton, is based on the popular video game set in a post-apocalyptic time where the remnants of human civilization live in a utopian vault society. Lucy, a dweller of Vault 33, is on a quest to save her father but soon realizes that everything may not be as “perfect” as it seems when she makes contact with the surface.

To start, I have never played Fallout the video game nor have I ever looked into the gameplay or what it is initially about but if it is anything like the series, I might have to make some purchases on the PlayStation store because this series was fantastic. I downloaded all the episodes off Prime Video since I had a 10-hour flight from Korea to the United States. Typically, I would not be very engaged due to motion sickness and the overall uncomfortableness of economy seats, but this show got me hooked and distracted me from that arduous journey.

Fallout is one of the few shows that does this well: that creates plots for multiple main characters (Lucy, Norm, Maximus, and the Ghoul) in a span of less than 10 episodes for them to interconnect in one main storyline. There were so many times throughout the episodes I was like “oh shit!” There are tons of mysteries and the world within the series seems so grand that even after eight episodes of content, we barely scratched the surface pun intended. Although the trope of a post-apocalyptic and zombie filled setting has been seen several times in the past decade, Fallout is definitely a refreshing and welcome take while also mirroring the reality of the dangers of supply & demand consumerism.

As the lead, Ella Purnell’s performance as Lucy had so many great comedic moments and definitely brought a lighthearted side to a dystopian world. I felt that it is similar to Reese Witherspoon’s performance from Legally Blonde of when her character is introduced to a harsh reality, but she soon adapts and blends in with the world to create a cohesive development that does not betray the character while developing them as well. Along with Purnell, Mr. Walter Goggins demolished his role as “The Ghoul”. Every time that this man was on screen, his dialogue and his presence is what continued to generate the captivation of the story. Even with the fantastic make-up, he delivered such heartfelt moments as well as badass ones too. He is the perfect example of the internet’s “Hear Me Out…” meme because he is so damn charismatic.

It seems that the age of poorly received video game adaptations franchises is a thing of the past with Fallout being one of the shining examples of what to come. Through terrific performances from the cast with an edge of your seat storyline, this series will definitely need more seasons to satisfy fans of the franchise and new fans alike.

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