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Loki Season 2: Loki’s Purpose is Truly Glorious

by Andrew Nguyen

Loki Season 2 picks up from the first season’s cliff-hanging ending where Loki must deal with the repercussions of Sylvie’s act of killing He Who Remains and the brink of a multiversal war.

It is not an exaggeration when I tell you that season two of Loki is one of the most well written projects of the MCU yet. Without giving too much away, the second season was able to bring the God of Mischief’s story to a bittersweet yet satisfying and possible conclusion. It is not a simple task to develop a storyline that is true to character’s development that has been contributed by several different writers and appeal to long-time fans while doing justice to the character itself. Michael Waldron and his team of writers were up for the challenge and  masterfully executed it resulting in undoubtedly, Loki becoming the MCU’s best character.

The strength of this show did not only rely on Tom Hiddleston’s performance but the stellar performances of the entire cast. Their chemistry with one another was fundamental to the series. And how can we forget the AAPI representation from Ke Huy Quan and Eugene Cordero as well.

There were challenges in comprehending the series’ explanation of the science behind the temporal loom and the branches which made Loki Season 2 hard to follow along at times but it became easier through context clues and witnessing the cause and effect.

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