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God Of High School Keeps Viewers Enthralled

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This summer 2020 has brought with it some intriguing titles. Among many anticipated releases, the one that stood out the most has to be God Of High School — a webtoon adapted into an anime. It was released by Crunchyroll after Tower of God and made news for its stellar animation, though the story itself seems to be all over the place in terms of theatrics. It still manages to keep viewers enthralled through its unique tournament-style battle system.

It’s currently approaching the midway point of its 13 episode season. As said earlier, it originally began as a webtoon created by Yongje Park that rose to prominence on the platform due to its martial arts comedy theme. It truly does have an aesthetic eye-catching art style that merits its coverage. The main character is Jin Mo-Ri, who bears a striking resemblance to Goku not only in behavioral mechanics but an overall personality that is enjoyed by viewers. Jin Mo-Ri wants to fight strong opponents constantly throughout the episodes. His carefree attitude towards fighting makes the series an amusing adventure to see where that takes him and the other characters of God of High School.

The action pace isn’t mechanical or as predictable as in other series. Viewers so far have continued to praise the smooth battle scenes that continue to provide pleasant engaging content reminiscent of Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventures and Baki. Seriously, the comedy is there while sustaining unpredictable combat!

Until now, the series has portrayed Jin Mo-Ri’s incorruptible heart of gold by having him fearlessly save an old woman’s bag of money [In a well-executed chase scene] and befriend two interesting characters in Daewi and Mira. Such personalities blend well. Daewi being like a chill Grey from Fairy Tale and Mira as Erza mixed with Sakura of Naruto. Their backstories and reasoning for entering the tournament flow seamlessly in the first three episodes.

One key feature to take into consideration is that the animation studio MAPPA assures viewers feel as though they are in Seoul instead of Tokyo like in other anime. Being able to successfully capture that, deserves the praise that the animators definitely get in results.

Overall, I’d recommend you give the anime a try this summer! In only seven episodes, it’s managed to condense a sufficient amount of material while sustaining a storyline that keeps viewers anticipating the next episode. The fights in God of High School definitely won’t decline into anything mediocre anytime soon with how the anime is proving to be amusing. It is easily one of the best summer anime in 2020 aside from some other anime to be discussed soon.

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