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How I Met Your Father: Season Two Keeps the Fun Going

by Neil Bui

How I Met Your Father returns to Hulu after an Emmy Award-winning first season and picks up right where we left off with Sophie (Hilary Duff) continuing to navigate love, friends, career, and life in her 30s.

If the first season was spent proving that the tv formula of a group of friends going through life in a major city is still a worthwhile project, then season two is about this series coming into its own with its unique characters and relationships.

Based on the first seven episodes of the new season, it really does feel like the writing and the direction of the series has been given the benefit of being able to breathe with 20 episodes planned. Each episode is a bit more self-contained with different dilemmas or opportunities to grow for this group of friends. This pacing feels less like an inevitable ride towards a predestined end, and more like actually getting to know likable characters in relatable circumstances. When the stakes are low and it’s just friends supporting each other, the hiccups along the way make the episodes fun and amusing.

As a whole, there are significant changes that the characters face as shows about dating naturally need to include becoming closer to the person he or she needs to be in order to end up with the person they are meant to be with. This is especially true in this series as Sophie’s future self played by Kim Cattrall is telling the story of these episodes to her son as the story about “How I Met Your Father.”

How I Met Your Father returns to Hulu on Tuesday, January 24.

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Elazar Abrahams January 24, 2023 - 7:59 pm

Nice review! Seems like you enjoyed the episodes more than I did


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