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Past Lives: TikTok Trend “Before and After Watching”

by Neil Bui

Coinciding with the nationwide release of this film today, there’s been a Past Lives TikTok trend where audiences are capturing their moments before and after watching, which really highlights the emotional impact felt by viewers.

Watch it… just watch it…

A24 broke me again

past lives is the best movie of the year idc idc

Bye this destroyed me mentally

A true, romantic masterpiece

Tag @dorkaholics in your Before and After Past Lives TikTok videos after you see the film, now released nationwide in theaters today!

For any further convincing when it comes to whether or not to view Past Lives in theaters, refer to the Dorkaholics review on the film here, with this sample provided now: “The film is based on a screenplay Song wrote, which is somewhat based on her own life experiences. And to the audience’s benefit, Song is able to weave Past Lives as a film that feels so real and personal, that it’s a story just as much about human experiences as it is about its characters.”

And here is an interview with the cast members, where the conversation delves into the characters, the impact of the film’s Korean dialogue, and the personal connections the actors developed with their roles.

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