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Opinion: Lost Missions: Knightfall

by Eric Brown

The Clone Wars has ended; an Empire has risen.

The final season ended on May The 4th (be with you), yet fans still crave for more content of this era from Dave Filoni and his team. Honestly, I’m one of them.

When the original final season was released on Netflix, it was titled Lost Missions and focused on resolving certain plot lines that would tie-in into Episode III and the OT Star Wars films. And to be honest, it would work as a one to three episode anthology story or even as a miniseries of Clone Wars era stories focusing on characters that aren’t the PT cast, Ahsoka, and Rex. The galaxy is a big place. I believe the one definitive thing that should be adapted onto the Disney+ service should be the Clones and Jedi’s viewpoints on a particular operation.

What I remember about the rise of the Empire is… is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip; We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word.

–– 501st Journal, Star Wars Battlefront II, 2005

Yep, the fabled Operation: Knightfall that’s been briefly explored in Revenge of The Sith, and showcased in video games and books. However, from my experience reading and playing, we rarely got the event from characters we’re invested in, and a lot of times, it’s been shown from developed characters after the events that transpired.

Clone Force 99

What happened to the clones we grew with? Was Wolffe and Gregor part of that event, thus explaining why they seem…looney in Star Wars Rebels? What happened to Katooni and her fellow Younglings, were they killed by Anakin Skywalker, or did they escape? Did the Grand Inquisitor join them during the operation? What became of Barriss Offee? And finally, the most important question left unanswered in this…

Did Shaak Ti die in the operation!?

Who did it?

She was killed by Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. She was killed by Anakin in the operation. And she was killed again by Force Unleashed protagonist, Galen Marek. Which one was it!? Okay, the latter is still non-canon in Disney’s Star Wars.

Grievous gets the kill in Revenge of the Sith.

While they’ve repeatedly said she did die by Anakin’s hand in the new canon, there’s still plenty of fans that WANT the death to be shown as the age-old, ‘We didn’t see it, so it didn’t happen.’ Lost Mission finally showing the event should provide the closure we want. Especially now since two canons exist.

Galen Marek aka Starkiller does her in in the pages of the comics.

So many characters’ fate and questions remain unknown in the events of The Clone Wars…

…Except Bad Batch, they’re going to have a spin-off series starring them and it will be a missed opportunity if the Bad Batch doesn’t face off against the still-canon Delta Squad from Republic Commandos.

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