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Dating for Dorks: My Girlfriend’s Vagina Smells

by Kat Liu

On this week’s Dating for Dorks, Kat answers a question she found on r/AskWomen concerning vagina smells.

Excerpt from /r/askwomenadvice/comments/5fqrpe/young_man_in_a_weird_position_with_friendwhat/:

i have recently starting hooking up with one of my friends. during our initial encounters, I noticed an unfamiliar smell coming from her vagina but figured it was an off day or something along those lines.

however, in our past handful of encounters, the unfamiliar smell is still ever present and I don’t know what to think about it. she continues with hooking up like everything is normal and it seems like she doesn’t even notice it. for example, after intercourse she will perform oral.

part of me believes that this signals she is used to the smell or that is how it “has always been”. that would explain that difference in familiarity. I have hooked up with other women and had two very serious relationships, that being said, I would like to think that I know the smell of a vagina. Sure, everybody is different, but I have never experienced such a lingering smell that bothered me but the other person doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Part of me feels like I should say something to her, but another part says I am not a trained professional so I am in no place to recommend a medical checkup. How should I go about this situation?

thank you for your time

TL;DR friend’s vagina has unfamiliar smell, she appears to not even acknowledge it, but I think its uncommon and might be a sign of some medical issue…help?

What do you guys think? How would you approach the situation?

Thanks for reading this article!

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