Opinion: Secret Crisis, is it still coming?

by Eric Brown
Would Secret Crisis give us a Mjolnir and Captain America's Shield dual-wielding Superman?

Secret Crisis was teased in Doomsday Clock #12, and again with Donny Cates’ Thor #2. While the concept was not set in stone and was teased for July 30th, 2030, the date could really have just been used in-universe and they could begin publishing/developing it at any time, as money is on the table for this. After all, Marvel and DC haven’t done an Inter-Company crossover since the 2003 – 2004 comic, Avengers/JLA. The teases they did suggested The Black Winter spreading to the DC Universe, a battle between Thor and Superman, and the death of The Incredible Hulk protecting the Man of Steel.

Both fanbases have longed for another crossover between DC and Marvel’s respective universes. Since 2019, the prospect of it happening has grown. Doomsday Clock, Donny Cates Thor, Scott Snyder’s Justice League, as well as comic creator Grant Morrison has suggested how to cross them over.

Even Dark Nights: Death Metal gives a subtle hint of beings rivaling or surpassing Perpetua, the creator of the current DC Multiverse.

In DC’s Convergence, it was established that there is in fact a Multi-Multiverse, because comic books, and later in Scott Snyder’s run, Perpetua, among a host of others, created and designed these various multiverses. But…we’ve never seen forces like Perpetua, right?

Wrong. Marvel has their own Perpetua, you just haven’t seen him as much. The One Above All.

Only making a handful of appearances, The One Above All could easily be tied with Perpetua as among of the designers of various multiverses. Is the Secret Crisis going to feature the beings like Perpetua and The One Above All battle the heroes and villains of DC and Marvel Multiverses?

The question above all: Is it still coming?

Many factors are put into this, The Coronavirus shutting down the industry, cancellation of DC5G, Dan Didio’s firing, delays on stories and other projects, and the recent ‘DC Bloodbath’ that occurred a week before DC Fandome.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Secret Crisis ends up not happening due to all these events. I hope I’m wrong and we end up getting the comic event of an entire era because fans have been longing to see the new interpretations and cast of characters interact with each other. Even DC and Marvel’s top writers have switched sides in recent years.

Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel, Kamala Kahn. Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Thanos and Darkseid meeting. The Nation of Krakoa playing their part.

DC and Marvel’s Universes will always remain separate, but crossing over one more time is something fans want. And while I hope a deal between the two companies make this a reality, even rumors suggested after the virus ends, it’ll happen. I’m hoping Jonathan Hickman is the one to write this event.

Two Worlds will collide. And an industry will rejoice! #SecretCrisis2020s

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