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Opinion: Why OG Fortnite Is Better Than the Current Fortnite

by College and Career Advantage

The original Fortnite map, known as “The OG map” or “Chapter 1 map,” holds a special place in the hearts of many players for several compelling reasons. First, the layout and design. The map features so many good spots to land at such as everywhere on the map, except Flush Factory and Junk Junction. There are places on the map that just bring back so many memories of playing back in Chapter 1, Season 3 with my brother and some of my friends.

My favorite place to land back then was the house between Risky Reals and Tomato Town, which I still think is the best spot on the map to this day. Chapter 1, Season 3 was also the creation of BAM clan, which was created by me, my brother, and one of my best friends, Jimmy. We came up with this name based on our usernames. My friend’s Xbox name, which I can’t recall, was something along the lines of BananaMan and a bunch of numbers. I do recall my brother’s name being AculGamer, while my name was Mateo_Potato.

Along with the OG map, there were also insane OG strategies such as “Double-Pump.” This is where you are able to switch between two shotguns and basically shoot a rapid fire shotgun. This has been patched as of this day, and this patch was hated by most of the Fortnite community. There are also more guns that are very nostalgic when you find them in this new season of Fortnite.

Ultimately, there are a number of different things that make the OG season of Fortnite better than any other season that they have created. The amount of memories that I have in the OG Fortnite is too many to count, and this is why OG Fornite will always be better than the current one.

By Mateo Galitzen, Laguna Beach High School, Class of 2025

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