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Rainbow Six Siege: Updates That Frustrated A Now Dwindling Player Base

Rainbow Six Siege was a game that I used to love playing. It was unique in the way that you could destroy walls and create new lines of sight, and the different operator abilities added another layer of strategy to the game. However, over time, the game has changed in ways that have made it less enjoyable.

When I played the game in 2020 and 2021, it was at its peak. The player base was healthy, and there was always something new to discover with the addition of new operators, maps, and game modes. The game’s esports scene was also growing, which brought new attention and excitement to the game.

However, the developers’ attempts to make the game more tactical have led to some bad changes. One of the most frustrating changes was the introduction of “reverse friendly fire.” The intention behind the change was to discourage toxic behavior, but it has instead led to frustration and anger among players. Accidentally damaging your teammate can now result in severe consequences that feel unwarranted.

Another change that has made the game feel repetitive and frustrating is the “pick and ban” feature in competitive play. The feature was intended to add an extra layer of strategy to the game, but instead, it has made the game feel less dynamic. Certain operators are banned too often, which has led to a lack of variety in gameplay.

Furthermore, the game’s introduction of more “utility-focused” operators has shifted the focus away from gunplay and made the game feel less rewarding. While gadget use and teamwork were always a crucial aspect of the game, the new operators have made the game feel less balanced and more frustrating to play.

In conclusion, while Rainbow Six Siege once had a dedicated player base and was a standout game in the tactical shooter genre, it has fallen off due to bad changes and attempts to make the game more tactical. The negative changes have made the game feel more repetitive and frustrating to play, causing many players to leave. It remains to be seen if the developers can make changes that will bring back the excitement and engagement that the game once had.

By Alex Sudam, Dana Hills High School, Class of 2023

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