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Pokémon Generations Ep 15 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
N standing besides Rashiram in Pokémon Generations Episode 15.

N standing besides Rashiram in Pokémon Generations Episode 15.

The auroras seem almost angelic or other worldly, just as the world of Pokémon is so unbelievable, yet so full of ideas analogous to our own. As I once heard from CW’s Flash, “Real life imitates art.” Or to be a little less narcissistic, art comes from the muse of real life.

Real life brings about inspirations for art that then can become ideals for the artist or admirer. Just as Kyurem, in its stability of absolute zero, is the symbol of the potential for power and thus the husk of life, Reshiram and Zekrom form its paths or ways toward the life’s desire. With the help of Reshiram or Zekrom, Kyurem can achieve perfection and be a dynamic force.

This idea is further enhanced alongside N’s belief that humans and Pokemon are partners that strive to bring out each other’s abilities. The power of Pokemon allow the human’s cleverness to exceed its own limitations while the Pokemon’s power is utilized to its fullest. The idea that tools are lesser than the user is naive. Without the tool, the user is not existent. Just as without Reshiram and Zekrom there is no Kyurem, if there is no Pokémon, there is no trainer.

Though this may be trivial, it is that most important fact of one’s existence that keeps all other’s existences intact. Just as it is in an environmental ecosystem such as where bees may help to carry on functions of life, or within the dynamics of a relationship, is there a lover if there is no one to be loved, and is there N without Ghetsis.

In a world where everything seems to be dependent on another, it seems to be courteous to at least respect the relationships with one has constant contact. N, in his wisdom understand this; he knows there are relations he must respect, out of simple decency. Ghetsis gave him life and knowledge while Pokémon have given him fulfillment.

This may be a hard lesson for Ghetsis since he has such selfish biases, which can be represented in the asymmetry of Kyurem’s design even when paired with Reshiram. Regardless, we can come to appreciate the outcomes of life, at least for ourselves, when we understand that, due to chaos of relations, things can always be worse. Hopefully though, things just keep getting better and Kyurem gets a form that splices both Reshiram and Zekrom come Gen V remake. For if art strives for perfection, should life not also?

Thus is the form of human hubris in art.

Also, Hubert and Reshiram look fkin BAUS.

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