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Pokémon Generations Ep 7 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
Team Magma from Pokémon Generations Episode 7.

Team Magma from Pokémon Generations Episode 7.


That’s right, sweet Brendan (or Ruby) just had his green dinosaur, the sexy Sceptile, slash that steel door right quick and it was a critical hit!

Oooooh, is that a Golbat that wasn’t loved enough by his grunt master to become a Crobat? WELL, SCEPTILE’S GONNA SHOW YOU SOME LOVE WITH A GOOD OL’ AERIAL ACE TO YOUR FACE. SMASHIN’ YOU TO THE GROUND, SON.
Man, these guitar rifts are sexy. Perfect edge to my boy Brendan.

“I got a hat. And it kinda looks like my hair. Now, I’m gonna beat your ass.”

Love it.

But of course, Magma is about staying ahead of the game and trustworthy Tabitha has got eyes on the situation.

And yet, even as Brendan is infiltrating the hell out of Team Magma’s base, in the style of our respectable Lance, Maxie could not care less. Truly tactile and always ready, he’s clearly got some master plan up his sleeve.

I mean, look at the Mega Stone… all sexy on that rim.

No wonder Courtney is always wet for this guy.

“Can you make MY dreams a reality, Maxie? Pretty please~~~”



“You are to remain right here.” _ Maxie

Courtney is instantly ~wet~

Team Magma's Courtney from Pokémon Generations Episode 7.

Team Magma’s Courtney from Pokémon Generations Episode 7.

Giovanni could learn a thing or two about Maxie. Get some trustworthy admins and some none-joke grunts. THESE BE THE KIND OF GRUNTS I WANT ON MY DIABOLICAL TEAM.

Of course, they still be grunts, so a good ole LEAF BLADE TO YOUR FACE is gonna take out the Mightyena, despite that Intimidation. Really, though, if that intimidation weren’t in effect, Sceptile would have straight up cut your dog in half, grunt. Better than Team Rocket, I’d say.

There’s a bond between Courtney and Maxie, a bond of trust.
He knows that even though she’s gonna get her ass handed, she’ll buy just enough time for him to get his plans underway. And she’s completely okay with that, despite seeing him bathe in Groudon’s lava blast. GIOVANNI, ARE YOU WATCHING?

Really diggin’ that whinnying from Camerupt. A noble steed, that camel. ‘I GOT HUMPS.’

Analyse away, Courtney. ANALyse, away.

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