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Review: Apex Legends Won’t Disappoint

by Lethbridge College

Apex Legends is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s a battle royale game similar to Fortnite. At first, the game can be quite tedious but once you get the hang of it you’ll have trouble turning it off.

There are many skills required to succeed such as movement, aiming, tracking and mechanics. So far, there are 18 legends with a new legend released with each season. Legends are the characters you get to choose before starting a game. They all have their own unique ability.

The game offers 3 current maps for normal games and rotates every hour. The variety of maps is great because it keeps things fresh. Each map is pretty massive and well made with unique terrain. While some maps are good for sniping others are better suited for close fighting.

However, there are some downsides with this game like the fact that there isn’t any solo game mode available. Another issue is that the servers can be terrible at times. But other than that it’s an amazing game to play. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is just looking to have fun and play games with your friends. It is a very chill game compared to other games I play such as Counter-Strike and Valorant. Apex Legends has everything any players ask for: in-game voice chat, squads to play with friends or to meet new people, a variety of skills to master and quick games. In fact, the longest game could ever go is probably close to an hour. Specially ranked mode is going to take a little longer than casual games.

This game is fast paced not like other battle royale games. This game will make your heart pumped up and adrenaline will kick in as you reach the final opponent.

You can download this game on Steam or Origin. I suggest Steam because it has a faster download rate and just performs better overall. I have been playing the game for over three years now and put in over 400 hours on the game. Just give it a chance. Apex Legends will not disappoint you.

Written by Collen Rosario, Lethbridge College

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