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Sketchbook: Turning the Camera Towards the Artists

by Neil Bui

Disney+’s newest, upcoming series isn’t animated but instead focuses on the artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios who work to bring our favorite characters to life. Sketchbook, which takes the classic formula of providing masters of their craft instructing viewers on how to follow their footsteps and illustrate their own beloved characters, also gives these talented artists the opportunity to talk about their journey into the animation world.

With six episodes highlighting the same number of illustrators and the same number of Disney classics you’re bound to find an episode or two that will catch your interest. But no matter which one you start with, you’ll be convincing yourself to give the entire series a try.

Out of Kuzco, Olaf, Genie, Captain Hook, Mirabel, and Young Simba, I was most drawn to Captain Hook, Kuzco, and Genie and to be honest I was the least interested in Olaf and Mirabel due to simply not having watched those two characters’ films yet. However, it was the first episode featuring artist Hyun-min Lee drawing Olaf which left the strongest impression on me.

Without giving anything away, Hyun-min Lee told her life story incredibly well within the limited timespan of an episode which inevitably tugged at my heartstrings. Do yourself a favor like I did and watch the series from beginning to end. The experience is a transformative one that brings awareness to various relationships other people have with fictional characters, which can be truly powerful ones.

Don’t miss Sketchbook, out later this month on Disney+ (April 27, 2022).

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