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Romance Webtoons To Warm One’s Heart

by Oghenetega Awobasivwe

I recently made a list of some good webcomics to read on WEBTOON, and I decided to make a separate list for romance webtoons. Since the feel of Valentine’s Day is still in the air, I figured some may want to read something more romance based. Even if you are not one to celebrate, these are still timeless stories anyone can enjoy!

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe
  1. Lore Olympus

One of the most popular reads on the platform. It is written and illustrated by Rachel Smythe.

The story is a modern retelling of the relationship between the greek gods Persephone and Hades.

Greek mythology is a very popular topic, and I am sure a lot of people know about the story of “The abduction of Persephone.”

In the webcomic, Persephone moves to Olympus for school which she is very excited about. For most of her life, she stayed sheltered with her mother, Demeter, and now hopes to experience new things and discover who she is.

Throughout the story, we see her tremendous growth and incredible struggles, the relationship she has with the other gods in Olympus, and of course the passionate romance with Hades.

As it is popularly known, it is a lead up to how she becomes queen of the underworld.

The art style is extremely unique. The kind you recognize instantly when you see it. The creator has an interesting use of color in the story and they make it work very well. Every character is drawn in a color and remains that color in different shades throughout the story. Persephone is pink while Hades is blue, and everything about them also revolves around those hues.

Before you get into this comic, I will say that it may not be for everyone. Lore Olympus occasionally deals with heavy topics like rape, abusive relationships and depression. Although I feel they are handled well, they may still be difficult to read.

If you have not read it already, I truly suggest you add it to your list.

Edith by Swansgarden
  1. Edith

Created by Swansgarden, this story follows Edith, a novice author with high standards on how she lives her life and who she wants as a significant other.

As the synopsis says: Edith is not your typical heroine. She struggles with her confidence, her morals, and life in general by not only holding herself to high standards, but her men as well. Enter two less-than-perfect men: one who may be the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for to deliver a fairy tale ending, the other a brash reality check who does NOT believe in happily-ever-after.

The story is simple and somewhat generic, but it is very relatable and well written. We watch Edith and other characters navigate through life and relationships.

It isn’t overly dramatic and showcases the highs and lows of relationships and being an adult.

This story is refreshing and realistic. Definitely worth the read.

Novae by KaixJu
  1. Novae

This is a canvas story on the platform, which means it is self-published for free by the creators. Written and illustrated by KaixJu, the story follows the lives of an astronomer and a necromancer, Raziol and Sulvain.

It is based in 17th century France and every chapter is a short read so far.

The two lovers meet when Sulvain comes to visit the man Raziol is under as an apprentice, and the story starts immediately. It is extremely enjoyable and the fantasy aspect of it never disappoints.

What really makes this story shine for me is the art. The artists never fail to make me stay in a chapter to gape and the panels in awe.

I also really enjoy the dialogue and the way they speak in the story. There is something about the English of that time that always feels more romantic to me.

This webcomic is sincere and sweet and really does well with its representation.

The story still has a lot of mysteries to reveal, so I feel it will be worth keeping up with.

Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lian Martin
  1. Castle Swimmer

Created by Wendy Lian Martin, this original fantasy webcomic is in an aquatic setting.

When Kappa is “born,” the god of the surface speaks to him and tells him he is the Beacon and his job is to fulfil prophecies in different kingdoms.

In the beginning of the story, he is pulled by a catalyst towards a kingdom where he is immediately recognized. After attempting to fulfil their prophecy, everyone is sure he messed up when there is a slight difference in what was predicted. After the situation, he says to the silent god on the surface that he doesn’t want to be the Beacon.

When he shows up again in the third chapter, he arrives at a kingdom where he is meant to be killed by the prince, Siren.

Siren does not want to go through with this prophecy and Kappa in turn, does not want to die. They are met with a predicament, and they have to figure it out together.

While in confinement, Siren continuously comes to see Kappa and they get to know each other.

This is one of my favorites. The first season was a great lead up to the second and they write Kappa and Siren’s relationship so well.

The artstyle has a pastel look to it and it is always so fun to look at.

If you’re looking for a well rounded fantasy romance, I believe this is perfect.

Choco Latte by An
  1. Choco Latte

Created by An, this soft webtoon is about two high schoolers who fall in love.

The synopsis reads: Join high schoolers, Kyle and Lilly, as they discover hope, joy, and love in the simplicities of everyday life. Sweet and heartwarming, just like a chocolate latte, their love story proves that actions speak louder than words.

This story is very simple and is purely told in visualization. The characters almost never speak, but you still understand what you’re reading and get swept with the emotions it gives.

The art style is soft and bright. It is one of those stories that will leave a smile on your face.

Thanks for reading this article!

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