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Tapas: 4 Feel-Good Reads Recommendations

by Oghenetega Awobasivwe

I recently gave some recommendations on stories available on the WEBTOON platform since I believe it is safe to say that webcomics are slowly becoming more popular. Of course, WEBTOON is not the only place people can read stories. In fact, I often use other apps to find newer kinds of stores and some of my favorites are on Tapas!

Not only is it home to thousands of webcomics, but there are also online novels available to read as well.

It is possible that after checking out the platform, you aren’t sure where to start. If that is the case or if you are just curious to check our new stories, then I can help a bit.

From fantasy and action to romance, here my favorite stories on Tapas that I believe are a must read!

The Beginning After the End

This fantasy webcomic is based on the hit novel by TurtleMe which is also available on Tapas.

In this story, a powerful king is reincarnated with the memories of his past life.

Born into a new world filled with magic and mystical creatures, he is given a chance to relive and possibly overcome his mistakes.

He is born into a new family as Arthur, and what I can say is I found it hilarious watching a baby behave and grow up while having the inner monologue of a grown man.

The art style is unique and continues to improve over time. They even made the effort to animate some panels in the first chapter.

This comic has just about everything a reader needs to be entertained. The solid world building, the addictive plot, the heartwarming moments and characters to connect to. Even the action scenes never failed to get me excited. I often had to force myself to stop reading when it was getting too late into the night.

If you have ever read Solo Leveling and are willing to see a good action fantasy story where the main character grows and becomes stronger, I believe The Beginning After the End won’t disappoint you.

Ring My Bell

This is a GL romance with sory and art by Yeongol. It’s one of the first stories I came across on Tapas and among my favorites stories in general.

In this manhwa, Mai Sohn is an artist who posts relationship comics on her blog. When a major publisher reaches out to her to write a romance comic, she comes back home from the meeting to her girlfriend suddenly leaving her.

Not only is she now heartbroken, but her relationship was the inspiration for her art. She finds herself in a mess.

Soon after she meets her neighbour and potential lover, Chungyeon Lee. To call their first encounter awkward is putting it lightly, but we quickly get to know the characters better and watch them fall in love.

It’s a simple story with good lessons on toxic relationships and acceptance. The characters are fun and it will have you smiling multiple times over throughout the read.

The cute art style fits perfectly with the adorable and touching story.

Tapas actually has many great LGBTQ+ stories like Path to You and The Secret Tales of a 30-year-old Gay Bachelor. I recommend checking those out as well, and maybe Ring My Bell can be a good introduction to more of them.


Sarah Andersen is a popular cartoonist. I have kept up with the Sarah’s Scribbles comic on WEBTOON and did not hesitate to take a look at this project of hers when she promoted it.

In fact, FANGS was actually the webcomic that made me download the Tapas app.

This humorous slice of life romance is about a three-hundred-year-old vampire who meets an endearing werewolf at a bar. They get together and FANGS is basically short panels of their lives together and it’s incredibly enjoyable. If you’re looking for a short but entertaining read, I definitely recommend this one and also check out Sarah’s Scribbles. It’s free on Tapas as well.


A fantasy story by KEISHO and Gudang.

Also based on a novel, it follows the similar theme of reincarnation like The Beginning After the End, the difference being that they are reborn into the same life.

It caught my attention because I heard it had a strong female lead, and that is very true.

While it has subtle hints of romance, it is not the focus of the story, it is plot driven and is about allowing the character to achieve her dreams whilst helping others.

If you’re looking for good drama, some good action, and great characters, Adonis will be a great read. I can also say that you will find many stories like it on the site.

With Tapas there are some stories where a user has to use ink to unlock chapters. This is not a problem because they have made it easy for users to earn ink for free! I have been able to read stories without a problem because of this, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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